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Occurred : 7/28/1987 15:00 (Entered as : 7/28/1987 15:00)
Reported: 8/24/2009 8:05:31 PM 20:05
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Tucson, AZ
Shape: Flash
Duration:4 weeks
I am apparently being watched, because my family is from Roswell NM.

I never knew anybody was taking official reports. Sorry for the delay, I heard about you last week. I've been telling this story to anybody with an interest. There's more than one encounter, I'll start with the first one and keep adding. I'm 62, this happened when I was 40, and it continued to happen. My last encounter was 1991 and I sort of avoid being caught in this again.

My family is from Roswell NM. My grandfather's sister ((name deleted)) and her husband had a ranch there in the early 1900s. My dad's family lived in Las Vegas NM. My grandfather worked on the railroad there. He died in an accident, and my father was 12, he went to live with his Aunt in Roswell. He knew all the native American teenagers. They all grew up together. They took the horses to the mesas and camped out a lot.

My dad used to visit every summer, he loved the desert, only he wouldn't drive at night. The night desert spooked him. My dad couldn't wear a watch, the hands would spin. We sort of accepted that as a crazy thing, never paid much attention to it.

While we were crossing the desert with my dad in 1954, I had an incident. I was about 10. We got to Gallup NM, and I bolted from the car and ran - My dad couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was hysterical. I remember it to this day. There was a time gap, something like that - I couldn't account for missing time. After my dad calmed me down, we got a hotel and stayed the night. I'm telling you this, because in 1991, the exact same thing happened when I got near Gallup NM. Only that time, my son was with me - and he remembers it.

We got picked up in 1991 - we drove up a ramp or something, or thru a vortex, that looked exactly like Gallup NM - only the people weren't acting right. They were acting - my son remembers passing the same landmark twice - and now he's 26, and he still remembers it. We never talk about it, its pretty upsetting.

The 1991 incident was like the final time - I kept getting picked - they were following me around - I was so used to it, I would just play dumb and hope that the time frame would move along - they're still watching me, but I have asked them please do not interfere with me or my family - I'm getting a little too old for this- we need to be as normal as possible.

Back to 1987 - We were living in Los Angeles in 1984. I had a strange feeling, like I was supposed to move to Tucson. My cousin lived there, so we went to visit. After we got home, I sold everything and we moved to Tucson. Just pulled up and moved. I got a job at the University of ARizona assisting the Dean. I have a BA in Fine Arts, and I was a legal secretary for 20 years. I'm also a music teacher.

I understand mathematical principles and science, and was majoring in math, but I got bad headaches. The math calculations would spin so fast, it gave me a headache. So I switched to music. I can hear music in my head - which really helps if you compose. It's a fairly common skill among musicians.

But somehow, this ability to hear and pick up sound, was meant for more than music. I started picking up sound when I got to Tucson. I could hear things and I would ask people, do you hear that? They couldn't hear anything. I heard a high pitched signal, like a transmitter. My son can hear these high pitched signals too. In fact, he used to hold his ears shut with his hands and refuse to go into places he could hear it.

Either it was subliminal broadcasting, or I was listening to something else. Tucson is a pretty strange place you understand, pretty close to the largest copper deposit in America - copper will pick signals up, I think.

I was at the University for about 2 years, on and off, and I had a job working for an attorney. In July 1987, I started picking up stronger signals at the university. Like something was under the university property. I worked in a basement laboratory for a professor. I finally had to quit, I got dizzy and I couldn't concentrate.

As soon as I quit, I started hearing the same signals in my apartment - and it got really strong. I started freaking out - I lost my cool - and since my family has always been a little strange in the first place - I decided to would have a chat with whoever was signaling.

I said, out loud "Look, whoever you are, I'm a rational person, I don't talk to people who aren't there, who I can't see, so if you need to talk to me, you need to be really really clear, and it has to be something I can't miss." So I tossed it out there - and apparently they heard me. Because a few days later, I was losing sleep and becoming increasingly disoriented. I fell asleep in the afternoon with the window open - and the next thing I know - a massive gust of wind came thru the window and slammed all the doors - and I could not open my eyes. I could see without my eyes being open.

I was on some planet and the temperature was below zero - everything was frozen solid - I could hear the sound of breaking glass, or high pitched bells, people talking - and I was unable to move. I am highly analytical and I started making mental notes - trying to see on the sides - And just like that, I was out of it. I literally packed up my kids and told them to get in the car - and I started driving south on Interstate 19 south of Tucson. I was shaking really bad. All I knew is I wanted to get out of the apartment - I couldn't breathe and I was shaking really bad A storm started rising up from the South, and started moving in - I got off the highway at Valencia - and turned left. I was shaking so bad, I had to stop the car. I told the kids to get out, while I calmed down.

Somebody was standing right behind me - that I couldn't see, blowing on my neck. I had the kids with me, and I was terrified. We started walking, and we went a few blocks, and ended up in front of a bank. It started raining, the kids were wondering what was going on. I told them, go in the bank and sit down, I'll stay out here for a couple of seconds.

As soon as the kids went in the bank, and I was standing there - the bank saw we were in distress and called the police. The police came, talked to me, and I had to make something up - like I was tired - Right about then, I looked like a lunatic. My kids were really upset. They called my husband at work - he works as a mathematician and engineer.

While the police were standing there, the storm rolled in, two of the policemen touched me, and man, a huge bolt of lightening smacked me - and I saw the sun explode - and I thought - well, I must be dead.....

The police looked at me, grabbed me again, and somebody took over my body and literally threw the police on the ground. I guess touching is a no-no. Then this voice goes "do exactly as I tell you, we need to get you out of here".

I guess I was on the "wrong side" The police started acting really stangely. A woman came out of the bank, and she stared at the police and said "she's fine you need to go now" - and they got in the car and left. When did you ever see that happen. Then she said "come inside, do you need a glass of water?" All of a sudden, it all turned, now everybody wanted to get me a glass of water. My husband showed up, he stared at me and the kids - and he tried to escort us home. It just got crazier and crazier after that.

Somebody started driving the car, and the kids and I had to go for a ride. I wasn't "me" anymore - I was somebody else. Whoever it was, beamed down here.

After about a day of driving around, and running out of gas in the desert, the police found us again - and man I had some explaining to do after that. My husband was furious. I had to sit there and take it - and pretend I was nuts - I wasn't nuts. I was trying to observe. He was trying to show me something. He explained things.

When I said, "well why are you telling me all this stuff, I'm nobody." the answer was pretty much I had to wait about 25 years, and then there was a pretty good possibility that the information would end with me unless people were willing to listen. Other than look like a nut, that's how it all started.

The police transported me to a mental facility - and I had to sit there for 4 weeks looking like a nut case. I went along with the whole thing. While I was there, I had a little radio with a headset. When I changed the batteries, the batteries drained in my hand. That hasn't happened again.

After 1987, nothing happened again until 1991 - I was driving across I-40, approaching Gallup NM, and the road just ended, there was another flash, and the road was back - only I was not in Gallup NM.

I stop there all the time, whenever I drive to NM. Chief Yellowhorse sits on the property - it's a sacred site. I usually stop and go in, maybe get a drink and buy some jewelry - but most things are unspoken - The university offered me an office position with the Mars project - but I turned it down and went back to Los Angeles. If I knew what was going on, I could be much more straightforward.

While I was in Los Angeles, I saw the black triangle craft with the red lights, just once. It hovered over the San Fernando Valley - I think long enough for me to see it - then it left.

The only other thing that was pretty spectacular, was a light show over Mesa Arizona around 1991 - it was a series of dots and dashes in blasts of color, that streamed across the sky and went directly over our apartment. I got my husband and the neighbors, and we all stood there and watched. It came from the direction of the airport, and the next day, the paper ran a story that somebody was fooling around with lights - and not to pay any attention to them.

I have a lot to say, there's more, but that gives you a general idea of what happened. I had problems going to Santa Fe NM a couple of years ago. I told them, again, "I am not going to tolerate a repeat performance, so if you don't mind, I need you to back off!" And they respect my wishes, if you can believe that.

We sort of have an understanding. They're here if I need them to be here for any reason, which is sort of comforting, but I really don't want to go thru anything like that ever again unless it's part of scientific research and there's plenty of documentation and researchers on board. I'm more than happy to walk any research team thru this, I'm just not going to chase them down. They need to ask me and respect the territory. I refuse to be treated like a nut job - I just saw your Characteristics secion. Yes, my car engine stopped and forced me to walk for miles in the desert. Also, in 1987, on that date, (I am positive of the date) tucson lost all electricity at the date and hour - all the electricity went out for about 15 minutes in an electrical storm - you would have to check the newspapers - but I'm sure that was the day - The voice kept saying "I'm turning off the power" - apparently they can't get in unless the power is out - There was also a lot of extremely loud "car" type horns - deep ones - blasting signals - it all happened so fast - and then the voice goes "how's this?" He's a real sarcastic alien with a really great sense of humor - it's like "jokes on me" - It's like, human beings think they are so smart, and that just isn't the case. We are really really stupid. I came to terms with my stupidity years ago, and I guess that's appealing.

I'm positive they were watching my dad and then me - this is a family thing - I am not even sure if we're from this planet - I'm starting to have my doubts seriously - this family is very very strange - You won't be able to meet my oldest brother - but he looked exactly like an alien drawing - he was super tall and very thin and bony - he even scared me a little - He passed away a few years ago. I guess our family was out in Roswell when that craft went down in 1947 - I was born in 1946 in California - at least that's what they tell me. My birth certificate is from a hospital that doesn't exist anymore - and there are no photos of my mom being pregnant - she and I never got along much - it was mostly dad and myself.

Well, if that isn't the strangest story you got in a long time, at least you were entertained. I also see that you want to know if I agree to talk to an investigator. Yes, you can do that, but don't do it over a phone.

Email is better. I can't talk by phone to anybody and depend on the conversation being confidential. My ex husband works at the National Security Agency in Washington. He monitors my phone calls - he hates me because I threw him out 30 years ago. That's a whole other story. I wish aliens would pick him up and keep him.

Much love. ((name deleted))