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Occurred : 9/2/2009 21:41 (Entered as : 09/02/09 21:41)
Reported: 9/2/2009 9:17:40 PM 21:17
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Keokuk, IA
Shape: Light
Duration:3-4 seconds
A extremly bright ball of light shot across the night sky a couple of thousand feet in the air then diappeared.

I was standing on my back patio looking east over a tree in my back yard when a large , extremely bright ball of light shot over the tree. At first I thought it was a falling star but I noticed it was way to bright to be on, when my eyes caught up to it I noticed it was probably only a few thousand feet in the air and it was not traveling in a straight line but a real faint swerving motion.

The object was not descending nor elevating but traveling straight across the sky south to southeast , the object was traveling at such a tremedous speed I had never seen anything move that fast other than maybe a shooting star across the sky. I caught the ball of light for only 3 to 5 seconds as it faded in and out then disappeared in thin air the closer it got to the moon. The moon was very bright , almost a full moon with no clouds in the sky .