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Occurred : 9/1/2009 22:00 (Entered as : 09/01/09 22:00)
Reported: 9/3/2009 11:51:10 AM 11:51
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Muncie, IN
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 min
Bright orange light in the northwest sky near the Muncie airport.

It was around 10:30 on the night of September first and I was out on my third story balcony smoking a cigarette when I looked up a saw a fairly large orange light in the northwest sky near the Muncie airport. At first I thought it was a plane coming in for a landing at the airport and I thought to myself, “Wow, look at that plane.” But when the object didn’t move or have any other lights on it I started to wonder if it what I was looking at.

After a few minutes of watching the light started to move slowly away from the horizon and even looked just a little bigger. I continued to watch the light for several more minutes while I finished my cigarette and after I was done smoking I went inside. A few minutes later, no more than 5 minutes, I remembered that I had left my Mountain Dew out on the balcony so I went out to get it. When I was outside I looked back up in the sky to see if I could find the light again and it had disappeared. I did not think anything of it until the next day and I began to wonder if I had seen a UFO.

I am a Ball State student from South Bend and I have seen thousands of planes come in for landings at the South Bend airport because my house is only a few miles away but this was bigger and did not look like any plane I have ever seen.