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Occurred : 7/17/2009 00:00 (Entered as : 07/17/09 0:00)
Reported: 11/1/2009 5:59:34 PM 17:59
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Shape: Light
Odd lights - objects in sky.

I was on vacation in Santa fe NM. My friend has a house with a hilltop behind it. Almost every night for a week we would go to the hill top to star watch. On one of our first nights my friend, whom I traveled with and I witnessed two fast moving steady lights that seemed very very far up..much higher then any plane. There was a local airport and planes went in and out of the area - but you could hear the engines and see their blinking lights - this was nothing like that - they were gliding silent and moving at a very fast rate very high up in the night sky.

On a succession of nights we had a camera with us and started out just taking pictures of us and then up at the night sky to capture the stars. The first few nights we took pictures with the flash and got some strange objects. Orb like orange and blue oval shapes and some other glowing objects - which at first seemed like we had maybe caught some 'alien objects' and we were excited .. but then being the skeptic I dismissed as dust, beetles or dragon flies caught in the flash. Some if you zoom in clearly appear like they could be bugs..others ?? Not sure what they are.

Any way, one of those nights when we where showing the pictures we had just taken to our friend who owns the home - we had gone back inside - and had our back to the window that faced the hill - but he was facing the window - He yelled and jumped up because he saw a bright beam of light come down behind the hill. He's lived there for years and has seen plenty of shooting stars and meteor showers..this he said was nothing like that. we were too scared to go out and look - though he wanted to. We did searched around the next morning around the hill but saw nothing.

On the final night of our visit it - was a clear night with lots of visible stars, my friend and I had gone up to the hill and I said 'ok let me prove my bugs in flash theory - look I'm going to take pictures with out the flash and show you that there really isn't anything out there..' So I took a series of pictures pointing up into the sky with out the flash. Then I decided to run some video clips from camera again with out flash. I held the camera to the sky and let it run. Even though my eyes could see the stars the camera's screen really wasn't strong enough to pick up the light of the distant stars except for one very faintly. As the first clip was about to end and I was getting ready to leave the hill a very bright light zigged zagged up from the far bottom corner of my view - seemingly from nowhere. (I almost felt like the object knew I was leaving and wanted to 'show itself'.) The clip ended so I started a second clip and held my camera on the bright object that ! was now very visible on my camera screen and seemed to just hang in the sky - it was a pulsating light. I panned a little to the right because my eye caught other movement and a much brighter second light moving towards the first light and a third less bright and smaller light also came come into view. My friend had gone down the hill and was calling me to come down. I was now up there alone and a little freaked - so when the clipped ended - I left the hill.

Aside from lots of orb like shots and the video clips we also captured on camera a strange white triangle object in the sky when we were taking a sunset picture. We didn't see it with our eyes. But it appears on the shot.

Many of the friends we met who live there - say these lights in the sky are common events and I would have to believe it based on the week I spent there - you need only look up..