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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/15/2009 18:30 (Entered as : 11/15/09 18:30)
Reported: 11/15/2009 10:28:52 PM 22:28
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Litchfield, ME
Shape: Light
Duration:3 hours
November 15th 2009, I stepped out of my mother’s small home in Litchfield Maine to smoke a cigarette. I usually stand on the porch itself but for some reason I decided to trek down the four steps onto the dirt drive way below. I lit my smoke and looked to the sky like I sometimes do and noticed a small blue star to the east. Venus was clear tonight. As I stood there taking in the beauty of the stars something caught my vision.

I looked almost precisely north to see a fairly odd ball of light moving in extremely bizarre and unrecognizable motions. I stood in awe for at least twenty minutes watching the very graceful light dance around the sky, I am surely no pilot but I can most definitely recognize a passing plane or helicopter with ease. This I assure was neither. It changed colors from a light florescent white to a light blue and once in a while almost the color of the glow from a fire.

It maneuvered in and out of clouds at top notch speeds making turns I have never seen even jets make. Hair point turns around in circles and zig zags… As fast as I could hold my finger up to it and point swiveling my finger around, it moved.

I realized I was the only witness, so I ran inside to get my sister. She was skeptic of my claims at first until she stepped outside and witnessed it herself. She could not believe her eyes either! We both made sporadic phones calls; one of witch was to the local News Paper the Kennebec Journal whom witch had nothing to say but plenty to laugh about. My brother suggested I call the state police to document the incident, I obliged. All the while this light continued to move extremely fast around the evening sky.

My sister went in and out of the house as my eyes stayed affixed on the orb. It seemed to travel further then closer, so on and so forth. One of the last times my sister went back inside I saw something very piculure, the one orb had split into two, both making similar sweeping patterns over a widespread area of the northern and eastern sky. By this time I had made my report with the police and they said someone would call me back.

I went back inside to get another cigarette and my sister to see the now two lights above. When we got back outside we looked up to see at least 4 other lights circling the sky. We watched this event for at least 30 more minutes. My sister returned inside and I followed. I got a drink and received a call back from the police officer on duty saying he was busy but he would be there ASAP. I went back outside alone.

This time it was back to just two lights twisting around. One of them seemed very close. I could make out a disk shape siluette in the clouds with the lights illuminating from it. I pulled my phone out and use it as a video recorder, unfortunately it was the only piece of equipment I had. I managed to capture the original disk of light but obviously on my phone it was a tiny ball of light. It moved around my screen as I held my phone as still as possible. I went back inside.

About 10 minutes later one officer pulled in the driveway across the street from us. I went out and yelled for him to get his attention. As he turned around I looked to the sky again to see nothing but fog. He pulled in our driveway and got out and we discussed what my sister and I had seen and I showed him the video. He seemed like he wanted to believe, but he also seemed like he had to see it to believe it. And then it faintly returned, he watched the strange techniques of the light rome around the sky. He admitted it was not any form of aviation he had seen, not a helicopter or plane nor a satellite because it was below the clouds. We watched it together with my sister until it got so far away and faint we could no longer see it. We talked about it a little, he made a small report and left. That was the last time I saw the lights in the sky about 3 hours after it began it was over just as easy.

Thank you for letting me post my report here. Keep your eyes to the sky in Maine and maybe (hopefully) you will be able to verify my reports.