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Occurred : 11/29/2009 23:59 (Entered as : 11/30/2009 23:59)
Reported: 11/30/2009 12:53:31 PM 12:53
Posted: 12/12/2009
Location: Burnsville, MN
Shape: Chevron
Duration:20 minutes
Orbiting light spheres and gold lights in boomerang shape

I went out on my deck,which overlooks 1+ acres of woods in sunurb of Burnsville, off Burnsville Pkwy and Cty Rd 5 at about midnight. Between the treetops and above, clear sky view, I spotted 2 large orbs of white light, rapidly circling each other in a large circle, about the size of a football field. The sky was completely covered by dense clouds and the light circles were quite visible. They never waivered from their distance from eachother, but did move sideways from time to time. It resembled a planet with an orbiting planet....not an irregular path.

I watched for several minutes and then started to take photographs with my digital camera and flash. I could see nothing in the view window after they were taken, but kept shooting. Suddenly, several gold orbs or lights appeared in an arc shape, appearing to flash or move.

Then the clouds completely went away, revealing a totally clear sky with lots of stars. In an instant, the lights just vanished. One of the photos I have sent has been lightened and set to very high contrast, to show the area was above the treetops. No city lights, just sky.

At first, I thought it might be advertising beams shooting into the air, but it started at midnight and there were no beams back to earth. I called the police and they had no reports and no knowledge of any promotional beamed lighting in the area. I thought it might be northern lights or lightening, but it had a very set and regular pattern path. The gold lights were not visible to the naked eye when there was cloud cover,but the early photos showed them.

((NUFORC Note: Witness corrected date to November 29. PD))