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Occurred : 7/18/1997 00:00 (Entered as : 07 18 1997 0:00)
Reported: 2/5/2010 11:23:31 PM 23:23
Posted: 2/14/2010
Location: Wolverhampton (UK/England),
Shape: Diamond
Duration:30 seconds
close sighting, diamond silver ufo

i had been ill and so slept in the late afternoon approx 4 to 5 pm, i went to bed and awoke in the dark assuming it must be approx 2 am, i tried to look at my watch but there was not enough light, i was looking downwards as i pulled the curtain open to gain enough light and saw the time to be midnight and a few seconds as set by the teletext page on tv so assumed to be fairly accurate, i glanced up and this is the point i saw the ufo, the base of it was a diamond shape if you will with the ends cut off so it actualy had six flat sides the corners were rounded smoothly, the front edge was shorter than the rear, on the front edge were bubble shaped lights colours red white and blue there were five of them set into the side flush they filled the side of the base of the craft, there was a raised 'cockpit' this had a red light on top rather like the kind you may see on a rescue truck but larger, and lit windows with thin dividers between them no sight inside wa! s possible, they tapered downwards as did the cockpit i beleive there were five i could see, the last being a stretched isocoles triangle shape, the side of the craft was curved by the cockpit rear, the body of the craft was silver and looked like seamless polished aluminium, the rear of the craft had two oblong grilles which glowed dull orange/red the grille appeared to be made of hexagonal shapes maybe a couple of inches wide each, at the time i lived in jenkins close bilston wolverhampton i was on the second floor the ground floor being below me, the object was moving at no more than ten miles per hour maximum and no higher than 50 foot it was really low just over the rooftops of the two story flats (house style apartments having two floors)of dawson close directly to the rear of the masonettes i lived in, at most 60 or so feet away it travelled in a north westerly direction and began gaining height passing arthur greenwood court at the ninth floor, there was no sound f! rom the object, just about half a mile away is a tyre recyclin! g power plant which i could hear roaring most nights so if this had any conventional propulsion i would have heard it from the stated distance, the length of this object was one flat (apartment) and a half i estimate 40 to 50 feet this object was also observed by two brothers who lived in the same maissonettes as i did, i saw one of them the next morning he asked did i see it last nite, i said see what?,then he told me, this was so i could confirm objectively that i did not taint the sighting, we compared sightings, also i have seen a report of a second witness to this from another location on the wellington road on the internet i would also like to say i have drawn this object in several views and also made a diagram which i overlayed on a map taken from google maps and will be submitting (note to webmaster please do not publish anything but my name and location at the time and delete this part of the message thanks for your time)

((NUFORC Note: Date of the event may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. PD))