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Occurred : 9/11/1980 (Entered as : 9/11/80)
Reported: 2/18/2010 6:05:11 AM 06:05
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: UK/England,
Duration:8 hours
the sightings that are beeing reported today, I and my workmates saw back in november 1980. we saw one main sphere and others coming towards it and joining as one this took place during the whole day. then towards the eavening it was spectcular the amount of sphere`s that came in to join it It then just went into a tube and disapeard.there was at least 10 to 12 people waching this display we phoned the news papers they were not interested.

yours Sincerely ((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Date in November 1980 may be approximate. PD))