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Occurred : 3/1/2010 11:00 (Entered as : 03/01/10 11:00)
Reported: 3/1/2010 9:35:40 AM 09:35
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Land O'Lakes, FL
Shape: Formation
Duration:3 minutes
Daylight Formation of Bright Metallic ovoid shapes that would glow white hot

Today at 11:10 hrs my son and I were driving to the dentist office. While enroute, my son calmly asked what the white things were in the distance. I did not know what he was talking about until we were at a stop light. I saw a round and tight formation of about 20 or more small bright blips. While at the light, I noticed they moved together in a manner that could be best described as a "school of fish." The formation of light would all glow a white hot bright for a few seconds and then the bright glow would quickly dissipate. But you could still see them. When they were not glowing brightly I could make out what appeared to be a dark spot on the top what appeared to be an avoid shape as the sun reflected off of a dull metallic surface of each one. The best way for me to describe the shape and color of the surface would be that each object appeared like an upside down brushed stainless steel cooking Wok. Then in perfect unison, they would all glow white hot ! again, similar to what a high intensity headlamp would appear like.

The most interesting thing about this formation, is that they all maintained separation from each other and did not appear to be moving in front or behind each other like a swarm of bees might appear like. The formation did move gradually at times, but appeared to hang in the air and slowly gain altitude. I could not believe this happening in broad daylight with local airtraffic all over the place. I then opened my sunroof as the roof pillar of my car began to obstruct my view, but at this point it was unsafe for me to continue taking my eyes off the road. The local weather at the time was perfect. 65F, low humidity, with clear blue sky and unlimited visibility and winds that were no more than 10-12 knots.