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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/5/2010 20:37 (Entered as : 03/05/10 20:37)
Reported: 3/5/2010 10:29:04 PM 22:29
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Buffalo (near), TX
Shape: Light
Duration:10 seconds
Changing Light near Buffalo, Texas

At 2037 (looked at clock right afterward) tonight traveling south on I45 in Texas near Mile Marker 166 my friend and I witnessed a bright white light that turned red then green and faded out. It came down at about a 45 degree angle and turned horizontal before winking out. The light was also heading in the southern direction parell to the interstate. It was approx 150’ feet of the ground when it disappeared. I could not tell its shape that it happened very quickly. We saw it for only about ten seconds. I remarked to my friend that he just saw his first ufo.

I have personally seen several ufos that I have reported- I am a Professional Truck Driver. My friend is a Professional Oil Field Equipment Salesman.