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Occurred : 3/14/2010 19:45 (Entered as : 03/14/10 19:45)
Reported: 3/14/2010 10:55:48 PM 22:55
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: East Dundee, IL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15-20 seconds
I clearly saw a triangle craft that glided overhead and changed the electricity of the air, but it was hard to focus on.

I was walking down the bike path when it was dark out, I was going down to the Dairy Queen to meet a friend, my ride. On my way to the path, I saw something strange moving through the air, I could barely tell what it was and I incorrectly (or maybe correctly) thought I saw a UFO. I concluded that it was just a plane but there were more lights in the sky around. I'm about 45 min from Ohare so I know that my area has some looparound flight paths near it, and there seemed to be a ton of planes circling, you could almost always see one or two along a path at any given time or place (even later at the coffee shop many miles away there were still planes everywhere in the sky.) There may be some back up because of the weather, it seemed like a storm is brewing in the air. But on my way down the path, I saw another light in the distance, in a different direction that seemed... out of place. Once I got to where I could see clearly, it already had enough time to leave! . I kept on walking and about five minutes later I felt something change in the air. It was like the atmosphere had changed yet I was not consciously aware of it yet. It was more like instinct that made me turn my head, and I'm glad I did. I saw something strange looking come out of the area behind me and to my left. It was a collection of three lights and one blinking one. I would have thought it was another plane except it seemed different, something felt wrong about it. As it passed over me, it took about 15-25 sec to pass from the horizon to my back left to the front right, I saw what it was. It was very hard to focus on it or to look at what it was. It felt like, consciously, I could only observe my surroundings instead of rationally comprehend or pick apart details. I know what I saw but it was hard to get anything to register, I couldn't pick it apart like I could shapes in a cloud. It was hard to see but it was only a few hundred feet above me, it was triangular and! had large lobed sides. It seemed outlined in something glowin! g white or translucent but shrouded as to not be too showy. As it passed I could see that there was something on the bottom, I'm not sure if it was energy pads or whatever that was the light, but I could tell it was not an airplane, it was low enough to see, but still high up. The memory is a little hard to remember of how exactly it looked, like I said, it seemed hard to focus on. As it was going into the distance I noticed it was in a new shape. The triangle seemed to turn into a T shape of disconnected lights but I never saw he conversion, only before and after. That may have been due to distance, but I do have pretty good eyesight and don't often make up shapes like that. As it passed a few hundred feet over me, it wasn't loud. It sounded like it was a jet that was much much further up, but even that sound seemed... artificial. As if it was something that would not be noticed in the background of air traffic noise, but when looked at sounded... off. And the object was much too c! lose to have normally been that quiet, if a jet was that low, car alarms would be going off and the ground rumbling. As it glided over me, for I was in the center of a very small village with noone else around as far as I could see, the hum of the electricity seemed to temporarily change. I don't remember if the frequencies got higher or lower but I remember hearing a distinct change that only happened as it was passing over the building that had neon signs. What's odd is that I tried to tell the friends I hung out with multiple times about the sighting but no matter how hard I tried, the conversation would always get wildly diverted. I tried, but I couldn't slip it in in the few hours we were at Caribou Coffee. Even when I would do my best to specifically bring it up, the person I was trying to tell, the UFO junkie, kept suddenly getting compelled to finish a thought from 20, 30 minutes earlier in conversation. I could get not get a word about that in edgewise, even though! if I blatantly said I saw a UFO we would have been talking ab! out it a ll night. As I walked home from Denny's (yes, too many different restaurants,) about a good mile from home and at the top of a hill next to which is my house in the expansive valley below it, I could see helicopters everywhere. Even If I couldn't see bright lights like I could from some of them, there was always one around. I would look into the sky and see a flash of some helicopter or something very far off, an impossible distance to identify what, but it was the artificial flash of a helicopter. They were everywhere. Cops too were hurriedly congregating, I saw three suddenly rush into a meeting place and I was walking across the street from the storage facility they met at. They got out of their cars and talked about "I saw blah" "It was seen" "blah blah seen." I couldn't really make out what they were saying, but they were all sharing about something they saw. It may have been in relation to a criminal act, but events were weird as is. (What's weird is that the UFO remi! nded me of a dream I had a while back about UFOs. I almost never have dreams about them and I know that it wasn't a real abduction, just my unconscious playing around, but it still looked similar to my abduction dream.) Oh yeah, plus there were a ton of other aircraft around, but this glided by pretty quickly and in it's own direction, not one that is a flight path. It was foggy and hazy tonight everywhere, but this was mostly below the clouds.