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Occurred : 6/30/1965 02:00 (Entered as : 1960s)
Reported: 3/20/2010 5:03:18 PM 17:03
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Tampa, FL
Shape: Unknown
abducted as a child in Tampa, FL, in the 1960s

I was a sleeping elementary school age child, in my own room and in my own bed in Tampa, FL when suddenly, there was light in my room,except the room had no overhead light and I hadn't turned on the light next to my bed. This bedside lamp was the only normal source of light in this room. It was off but there was still much light. This had never happened before.

I had a fast impression of someone being next to my bed. I saw, momentarily, what I perceived to be blue jeans on a man's lower body then, with the light still on, but no one next to me,there was suddenly a lot of noise and commotion.

In the next instant, "The Sound of Music" record played very loudly, presumably from the little portable record player in our living room. My room shared a common wall with the living room. When it went on, I sat bolt upright in bed. My first thought was that someone was there to murder us but I dismissed that idea with the thought that murderers probably didn't make all of this commotion-a killer would be quiet.

The music was turned up so loudly that I couldn't believe that my siblings would do something this unusual and dangerous, knowing how violent our parents were. Whichever child was doing this was risking a horrible beating FOR SURE.

I touched my bedroom wall with my hand to prove to myself that I was awake. The wall was solid and normal and I could see and feel the paint. I believed I was awake and I laid back down, in terror. Someone was present and making a tremendous amount of ruckus. I was shaking.

Then there was a staticy feeling in the air. The room was now dark, the music stopped.

I went into shock when I then saw 4 grotestue, blue, wrinkled troll-looking beings in what looked to me to be blue overalls. They were lined up in front of my closet. I thought they looked like drums because they were as stout as they were tall. They weren't tall like a human, they were maybe 3 1/2 - 4 feet tall9maybe smaller) and so wide they were like squares.I must presume that the light must have been back on for me to see them so clearly, to be able to make out color but I didn't think about the light. I was rapidly processing that these were real aliens and this event was really happening, then I was paralyzed.

I felt like every molecule in my body was being pulled through the soles of my feet. I fought with all of my will but could not stop the paralysis or the pulling, which was happening very fast. I was totally and completely terrified.

The next thing I can remember is being on a grate-type bridge walkway that went into a building or something large. I had the thought that "this is definately happening to me and no one, not even my mother, will ever be able to help me. I wondered if they were going to keep me.

Then, things get confusing in my own ability to be sure of the order of any of the following things that happened.

In the place with all the grating, someone was somehow, maybe telepathically telling me that there was a problem somewhere. I was shown a darkened room with giant preying mantises just walking around. I think there was a window or something between me and them because they didn't seem to notice or care about me in any way.

Then I was shown a cloaked being in the same room I was in, who I automatically presumed was an old what-ever-she-was because she was very wrinkled and seemed very weak. I was shown this from a perspective of first being behind "her", to her right. I saw the dark cloak then the being who was at my side walked me up to look at her face. He told me more about the problem these beings had but its vaque to me. My impression was that whatever the problem was it had led to her appearance and weakness.

I remember being in a smaller craft, seeing the stars go by very fast through a window, feeling very alone, and once again realizing that this was real. I definately thought then that I was the only human in this craft. They didn't treat me like a child. There was no comfort offerred, no food, no water, no blanket and no one to help me. It was all matter-fact, like in this transport the beings were just performing a normal routine thing.

Again, I'm not sure of the order of events as I only have snippets of scenes in my memory.

I remeber walking, with no resistence and not much fear, concern or even interest now. I just went along willingly. I don't know who was with me at this point but my best recollection is of someone short.

We passed two human-looking beings to our left. There was a little girl with dark brown or black hair just kind of standing to the left of a large glass cylinder. A human man with dark hair was in the large cylinder. It looked like a large test tube. They didn't take any significant notice of me and oddly I now realize, I didn't make any effort to communicate with them. We never made eye contact. I never even tried to.

As we kept walking, he(?), the being, now on my right, continued telling me I don't remember what-until he had me look down at small horizontal portals or screens that showed different military things including an arial view of a large rocket with smoke and "things" flying around it. My impression was "war" I felt sadness and I definately said or thought loudly "If you know all this, show me how I'm going to die" and he did. He showed me a larger vertical screen and I watched myself, as an adult woman with long dark hair walking alone into a high floor of a ski chalet. There was a large picture window and I looked out upon a beautiful scene below of trees and lots of snow.

Now, at this point, I feel more like I'm living it rather than watching it. I walked toward the main living room type area. Maybe 8, 10 people were in the living room, most sitting on sofas and some just milling about. I remember thinking that there should be no problem here because I knew most or all of the people. I started to walk to a sofa to sit down and a man just came up behind me and slit my throat. It felt like a true event happening in real time. I felt like I was blacking out, dying, and my last thought in this scenario was "I can't believe this could happen. I know all of these people. Why isn't someone helping me? Was this a plot they were all in together?".

Then I was back, standing in front of this vertical scene, with the being who had no emotion about my death scene. None. I asked so he showed me. It was just a matter of future history, nothing personal on his part in any way.

From there, things are very "fuzzy".

I felt like I was lying down, in a different place, kind of flooating, then on(?) a white table, with doctors around me and the table, mostly to the left side of me. I felt euphoric-a feeling I would now liken to a narcotic only more exaggerated.

One of the doctors said my name! I felt something like a metal rocket-shaped 'thing' being inserted. I was somehow okay with this! The next memory is of me in a small spaceship, traveling in my parent's yard to my bedroom window.

The being piloting, to my left, was very blond and looked almost like a human male adult but my sense was that he was not human. His skin was too white-opague and his demeanor was like "nothing". There only seemed to be room for the two of us in this craft but I could see all around us. I think he telepathically mentioned ants and aloe vera as we flew over some. I'm not sure if I really remember the aloe vera-ant thing or if I conflabbed it.

We were very low to the ground. We neared my window and I thought "Oh, we're going in my window" but we did not.

Still in the small craft, I remeber vividly that I felt very raw (emotionally, not physically), invaded, disappointed, very saddened. Something had been taken from me, from my body. I felt a sad emptiness and the being imparted to me "Its done. There's nothing you can do about it" My regret seemed to surprise or confuse this being. Maybe even irritation would describe his affect. This was the only millisecond of "feeling" that I received from him. "Disturbance of the norm" I heard two whistling, spinning noises, I felt cold, I felt a little spinning then I SAW my own bedcovers UNDER me as I flew into place in my own bed.

I don't recall waking up that morning but I obviously did and just went about the morning like it was a normal day.

I remembered later in the same day that this had happened. I was walking from my elementary school lunchroom, in line with my classmates, headed back to class when I remembered. I knew the word schizophrenic and knew if I told my mother she would take me to a psychiatrist and that would be what they would say.

I knew it had really happened but believed I was the only person in all of history that this had happened to or would happen to.

I made my mind up on that sidewalk that day that for my own protection, I could never tell a living soul.

I have no idea if this was one event or numerous events that my mind has spliced together. I only remember the paralysis and sucking through the feet feeling happening one other time. I was even more terified the second time and totally determined not to go again. With all my will and strenghth, I moved my right little finger and the paralysis was broken.

I've never had the feeling again, never been taken anywhere and have had no conscious awareness of any aliens anywhere since then.

The most important thing I can tell you is that when I returned home from school that day and went to use our restroom, I had a straight red line from my naval to my pubis. It was shocking to me but also forced me to admit the reality of this whole thing to myself. The red line looked like a perfect surgical incision had been made and closed but there were no suture marks, no staples, no apparent source of closure. The red line was perfectly straight and is visible to this day. It has become a thin brown line visible from about 3 inches from my naval down to the top of the pubis. I definately welcome inspection of this "scar" by medical researchers. No doctor or boyfriend has ever noticed or commented on it.

Later, maybe 5 or 10 years later when I first read of animal mutalations, I had chills and anxiety. I felt certain this was the work of the beings who took me.

I was a straight A student but a compartmentalized nervous wreck from then until recently. I could not become truly emotionally connected to anyone and I lived in complete terror that something like this would happen to my own daughters.

When they came to take me the second time, I felt I was marked in some way or how would they know to take ME again? Since in the death scenario I had long dark hair and was an adult - once I became an adult I dyed my hair blond, kept it short and knew I would never live in or go to places with ski chalets and snow.

Now 54, I find myself in Colorado because I need to live near my oldest daughter who lives here. She is my primary care giver and I truly need her help - so I'm here. I have a devastating terminal disease.

Prior to this disease I now have, I lived only in hot places -FL and NV I was so determined to not live out the death scene.

I have neuromyelitis optica and I am now blind. My immune system is shredding my nervous system one cranial nerve at a time. This began in the 80's.It is a very rare disease and one of the few conditions that causes both blindness and paralysis in the patient, then leads to death by the failure of the intercoastal muscles.

I hated the beings my whole life. I hated that they took an innocent, already traumatized child without even asking the child. It was a violent kidnapping in my opinion.

Now that I am aware of so many stories similar to mine, I'm calmer in one respect(I'm not the ONLY one) but now, I'm very concerned for all humankind. What is going on?! I have been diagnosed with PTSD from chilhood abuse and adult onset PTSD from going blind. A more correct diagnosis would have been lifelong PAS, I have no doubt.

To clarify one of answers regarding number of craft seen-I said 3. I may have seen one from the outside, in my yard, during the same event but everything else was inside a craft. I count them as 1-the grating & preying mantises, the little girl, the death scene and the medical stuff 2-the craft in which I was flown rapidly by a military type "crew" and 3- the tiny ship from which the blond took me across the yard and into my room.

I had a horrible childhood in every possible way because of the on-going anxiety and terror from this event, the constant beatings from my adoptive parents and a year of molestation by my 5th grade teacher.

I became a life-long loner.

In the 90s, I told one friend and both of my daughters of the event. All three said they believed me, which makes it possible for me to tell you now.

I also told a boyfriend who was a paramedic and is now a nurse in a infant and children's trauma ward in LV. He did not believe my story was real but does believe that I believe it. He believes that this is a cover story created by my mind because I cannot accept that I was raped as a child. He doesn't believe in UFOs and thinks we are alone in this vast universe.

I was NOT raped as a child. Beaten by parents, molested by a teacher but there was no rape event.

I can't really care if anyone believes me or not. It doesn't change any of what happened.

I feel like my whole life was stolen from me. I've not had one day since the event that I felt normal or that I fit in anywhere. There is some relief in knowing that people, lots of people worldwide, now know of these kinds of abductions and that there is at least investigation being done now.

I used to pray that one day there would be a registry or someway to tell legitimate researchers and scientists what happened to me in the hope of one day really understanding why they picked me.

Because I believe it neccessary for my good mental health to forgive them, I do, to a point, but I still hate the little, blue drum-like ones who took me with absolutely no regard for me, my terror, my youth.

I like to think that if they ever came along now that I wouln't be frightened of them. I think I would be bold and demand some answers this time.

I worry about, but also look forward to some kind of event where all the abductees are made known to the world so people will know that this really happened to lots of us and perhaps, is still happening to some people, especially children.

I believe I saw 6 different kinds of aliens : 1-the horrible little blue drum-like ones who took me, 2-the preying mantises,3- the "crew" of the shuttle 4-the "explainer" who walked me past the two humans and showed me the "war" pictures and my own alleged death. 5- the doctors and 6-the very white man who took me home through my ceiling.

Very oddly, I have no direct recall of any of the "greys" with the big eyes, claimed by so many abductees but I also can't tell you what the"crew" or the "explainer" or the doctors looked like at all. I don't know why I can't remember something this important, but in 40+ years I've never remembered their faces.

I was adopted at birth from McDill AFB and have speculated that the doctor who knew my name might have been a human military doctor.

In 1979 I had to have an emergency surgical procedure (a right oophorectomy) because my right ovary had become gangrenous from "torsion of the tube". No eggs were visible in this ovary upon removal nor upon follow-up microscopic examination. No doctor was able to explain this or determine where my eggs were, or if there had ever been any in that ovary.

I had a normal pregnancy in 1980 and gave birth to my second daughter. She has extra vertebrae in her neck and was born with eyes so almond-shaped I worried for a time that she might be mongoloid. She is not.

In 1983, following the 1979 removal of my right ovary and a 1982 surgical procedure to eliminate some of the remaining left fallopian tube to insure contraception, and with my partner having had a vasectomy, I was told that I was pregnant again. I lost the baby and all the attending physician would tell me is that the baby was not normal. I was not shown the baby.

In 2008, following 7 years of total menopause and having no partner for 8 months, as my boyfriend had died, I was again told I was pregnant. I was 52 years old. I was hospitalized for 3 days and all 12 blood pregnancy tests came back positive, as well as all urine tests. The hospital lab was in a bit of an uproar about "the old, blind pregnant lady with no partner". I was released into the care of my family practioner who administered a blood pregnancy test in her office two weeks later. It came back negative.

(The emergency room doctor seemed extremely interested in the fact that I had torsion of the tube in my 20s but he never elaborated. He just seemed very excited and interested in this fact. So much so that I wondered then and I wonder now, WHY was this of so much interest to him? As his name is on the medical record as the admitting doctor, I hope one day someone will ask him why this was a big deal to him. No other medical professional has ever raised an eyebrow when I mention it, yet he was incredulous and focused on it at length. He then performed an ultrasound and determined that my womb was empty. He admitted me, baffled).

Because I had chemotherapy in 2007-09 for this neuromyelitis optica, my doctor believes I was experiencing endocrine changes. I think this is likely correct as I have had no other encounters since the 60s of which I am aware.

Truthfully, I think the neuromyelitis is a result of both the chil abuse and the abduction. I think it was all too much for my nervous system. I see a very qualified neuro-opthomologist who has no idea at all why I have this disease.

I've never had the courage to tell any medical professional treating me or any mental health professional of the abduction because I believe they will label me "insane".

I'm not.

I have been troubled and anxious for 40+ years. I have attempted suicide too many times to count (okay, 5). The most recent event, in 2008, was a compulsive act that I felt was not entirely of my own accord.

Suddenly, one afternoon, I wanted very much to put a screwdriver through my left wrist, which makes absolutely no sense to me. I did not do that but with almost an uncontrollable intensity, I took an over-dose of Wellbutrin and Prozac. Somehow, I took just the right combination for the drugs to balance each other out and though I spent the night in intensive care, I had almost no effect from the 15 pills or more that I ingested. No nausea, no vomiting, no convulsions, not even a hiccough. I can't believe how out of control of myself I felt while taking the over-dose. It was a manic event that still doesn't make sense to me. Never have I heard of "death by screwdriver" and I'm no handyman. Usually, I don't even own a screwdriver and have never at any other time thought about a screwdriver in any odd way like this.

I am a mother. If I were really going to intentionally kill myself there is no doubt that I would leave lengthy letters of explanation for my adult daughters. I would make logical plans, I would give away treasured momentos, I would say good-bye to those I love, yet, I didn't do any of this. I just felt this over-whelming impulse to put a screwdriver through my own wrist. Instead, I took lots of pills very quickly. I remember counting 12, 13, they were M&Ms, instead of strong medications.

I was a medical professional myself (an EMT and medical writer) and NEVER would I do this.

And yet, I did.

The other 4 attempts prior were clustered from 2001 to 2004 and were also compulsive acts. No planning, just action that seemed to be out of me instead of from me. I tried to jump off a mountain (my daughter decked me to keep me from doing this), I ran out into traffic (everyone stopped), I went to a desolate location in an attempt to die from exposure and starvation (this was clearly going to take a long time and be painful) and I asked someone I didn't know to get heroin for me so I could over-dose. I took twice the amount they said would be dangerous and waited. All I got was a headache.

Obviously, I'm not very good at suicide.

I don't think I will ever try again because now, if I felt the compulsion, I would resist totally.

Enough of my life has been taken from me by others.

Once I made the connection that the US military was probably involved in this, which was only recently, I began to feel much stronger but also even more angry. What do I think? I think I was taken by aliens but that the doctor who knew my name was human and that both were somehow benefitting from whatever they did to me. I truly think I was selected because I was an adoptee from an AFB and was already traumatized.

Obviously, all of the medical information I am recounting is verifiable through medical and hospital records, which I'm happy to provide to any legitimate researcher. I welcome the opportunity to have truth serum administered and would agree to be hypnotized by a medical professional. In both scenarios I would ask that a video recording be made of the entire questioning procedure and I would want a trained UFO researcher present in both cases.

Its taken my whole life to put these snippets together. I remembered some of it that day but was an adult before I realized why I always had to have a rectangular white dining table. I could almost remember but not quite, then one day in Sarasota, FL, following the purchase of my 3rd or 4th white rectangular table, I remembered. I was on one. I think it possibly emitted white light. How else would I know it was white if I was lying on it? I don't remember anyone removing my clothing, nor do I know how my clothing was returned to my body.

Unlike the other stories I've been reading on the Internet, I was not shown any babies or told anything about hybrids. I wasn't asked to touch or hold anything or anyone.

I now think they took eggs from my right ovary and I think they left the fallopian tube and ovary malpositioned which resulted in the torsion. It might have been intentional because the gangrene certainly made it impossible for doctors to tell what had happened to my right ovary and eggs.

I believe they take children because we are closer to their size.

Even now as I write this, I feel sick to my stomach and sweaty.

I would give most anything to know the whole truth of what happened to me - and apparently others- and WHY.

Finally, let me say that I am a professional writer and have been virtually my whole adult life. If I were going to make up a story, I promise you, it would make a lot more sense than this. I WISH I was making it up.

Though it happened to me, it remains almost too incredible for me to believe but the scar is still there.

Before she passed in 2003, my mother and I spoke of the scar. All she really said was "yeah, you have had that for a long time." I don't know why she said this because NEVER did I show it to her or tell her about it in any way. She never commented if and when she really ever saw it, yet she acted like "yeah, aliens, no big deal." No surprise, no questions.

I thank you with my whole heart for providing this forum to people like myself who have kept this horrible secret inside ourselves for our whole lives. I hope someone will contact me and help me sort it out.

Due to the blindness, phone contact is the best way to reach me. I would accept a collect call but I only have a cell phone and they don't permit collect calls. I can't read my own e-mail and must have others read it for me. I would prefer not to have to talk about it with anyone except a valid researcher.

Thank you very much - and if you are connected to the military in any way DO NOT contact me. And I better not have any MIBs hanging around once I submit this to you. I am so NOT even kidding. If I am contacted by ANYONE except a UFO researcher, I WILL DENY that I wrote this and swear that it never happened.

If you are truly valid UFO researchers, I hope you will know by content that this DID happen. Please give me a chance to provide the little proof that I have (the scar).

((NUFORC NOTE: Witness indicates that date of the sighting is approximate. PD))