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Occurred : 3/3/1997 02:00 (Entered as : 03/03/97 2:00)
Reported: 4/6/2010 2:29:57 PM 14:29
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Dublin, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3-5 minutes
Up Close and Personal Triangle UFO sighting in Dublin, Ohio

First, let me state that until you actually see an ufo, you can definately be skeptical. For those that have seen something spectacular, like what I'm about to describe, it can be a particularly tedious burden. Even your best friends and family that you trust with your life may struggle to comprehend and accept it.

My Dad and I were standing by a lake behind our apartment in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. I was about 25. My Dad would have been about 48. It was late, very late. Clear night. Dark. But, even though it was about 2-3AM and dark, there's a glow from all the lights in the area, which almost makes the dark night a little luminescent... it's a little easier to make out stuff against it's background. Not as if what we were about to see was difficult to see.

This wasn't just a distant group of lights. This wasn't one of those sightings that could have been something else. This was an extremely close-up, almost to the point of being scary sighting.

It started as I was looking up at the beautiful night. I said in total panic/excitement as it approached, "DO YOU SEE THAT, DAD... TELL ME YOU SEE THAT..."! It was coming across the sky at a fairly slow rate of speed.... maybe about the same rate as a car on a backroad.... about 40mph. Seemed slower, but I'm guessing that 40 mph looks slower at about 1,500-2000ft. The excitement was indescribable. As it flew from the left(going west) it nearly crossed rt above us. You could easily see the structure of the craft. It was like a dark black against the lit up gray nt. It was a perfect triangle with slightly rounders corners. Just inside the outer rim in each corner, fitting perfectly, there were perfect circle lights. Subtle lights as in an extremely soft white light bulb. As it got closer the lights appeared to have movement, possibly circular, almost gasious in appearance. There was NO sound as this object came to a halt nearly right above us. Sat hovering still for about 20 seconds, pivoted on an axis about 90-100 degrees, and then flew away in a fashion that is very hard to describe and accept. After pivoting it sta! rted to move south at the earlier slow rate of speed, only this time, within seconds, it accelerated at an astronomical rate. Going from right over our heads to out of sight in about 2 seconds... the first second slowly moving... and then out of sight about 1 second later.

This is when the harsh reality sets in. We both went back inside the apartment(about 60yards away), and pondered what we should do. Our hearts were still racing. SHould we call the cops? No Way. The Paper? No. It didn't take long for us to realize that our sighting, as clearly defined and unquestionable as it was to us, would sound crazy. I think i remembered reading something in the paper, maybe the day after, that talked about multiple sightings of a simliar craft around Bellfountaine, Ohio.

This sighting was something that Dad and I both took extremely serious for a long time. But, after years of realizing that our little secret was actually better kept that way, it still haunts us in such a profound way that it has literally changed both of our views of religion and science. What we saw WAS NOT human. It was NOT built by humans. It was NOT being flown by humans. Could NOT have been flown by humans. Could NOT have been built by humans. It was unquestionably a craft from another world. This is information that we have shared less and less as time has passed since the event. It has changed our very lives, but it's not something that we bring up very often. I think we both regret not being able to talk about it more. We both regret that more people didn't see what we saw. I guess for some people there's sightings that could have been something else. This sighting was nothing else. It was exactly what we thought it was. It will always be. I should ! feel very priviledged. Not many people see something like this that is so clear and undeniable. So unlike how the event comes off when it's told to anyone else. Everyone else wants to explain away what we saw - if only they had been there to see there was no explaining away this 'ifo'. That's the way i refer to it... because I have identified it as something not of this world.

My Dad was a minister of 30 years. After the event, he stopped preaching and basically dropped religion altogether. The event had a similiar effect on me as far as religion. I just want to yell at the skeptics, but you can't. If I had a clear tape of the event, and took it to the media, it would probably get dismissed away as 'such a great sighting that it couldn't be real'. And that's the sad reality of things when it comes to ufo sightings. The media and the government have made it so taboo. It's crazy. You're literally deemed psychotic if you've seen one. We are two very normal people. No mental health history in our family. No reason to make up something like this. I can only imagine that people that actually make up sightings suffer the same fate as people who actually see something out of this world - denial and rejection. My Dad and I are about as down to earth as anybody.