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Occurred : 4/9/2010 20:35 (Entered as : 04/09/10 20:35)
Reported: 4/10/2010 7:46:41 PM 19:46
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Wenden, AZ
Shape: Disk
We saw a very large read illumination of light surrounded by two white lights that simultaneously took off into the sky.

My spouse and I were out camping at Alamo Lake State Park in Arizona on Friday 04/09/2010. My spouse is a software analyst, and I am a homemaker. We had just arrived that afternoon with plans to stay for the weekend.

We were admiring all the stars that appeared in the sky that night, when suddenly to our left a bright red light caught our attention. The light was so large we were asking each other "What is that!?" for we both knew there was no power lines, storm towers, or any form of electricity of that kind for at least 40 miles, and the light was coming from a distance of about 10 miles. The light blinked twice holding the large red illumination for about 3 full seconds each. My spouse said," It cant be an airplane". I replied, "I know, look how huge it is".

The red light then blinked fast about 3 times before it went out. To the right and left of the bright red light were two bright white lights (one on each side, about as bright as the brightest stars). The lights seemed to be about 10 feet apart; which may have seemed close, but they were such a great distance away, the distance could have been greater. I actually thought they were stars until I noticed them starting to blink rapidly right after the red light went out. The two lights were blinking alternately and then simultaneously before they both began to move in simultaneous motion as if they were connected. (One could form a straight line between the lights to measure how precise the movement was). The lights, moving as if one object, proceeded to what is my left, in the sky, angled itself so that the lights still seem to be connected then the lights faded quickly as if it were just flying into the distant sky at an extremely fast pace.