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Occurred : 5/16/2010 09:40 (Entered as : 05/16/10 09:40)
Reported: 5/16/2010 7:02:39 AM 07:02
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: South Kingstown, RI
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:30 seconds
Stationary gray cylinder slowly accelerates, turns white, then opaque, and disappears.

At the above time, I stepped outside to look up at a passenger jet (red bottomed, so I assumed it was a S.W. Air flight headed to Greene Airport in Warwick...I am on the flight line for flights coming from the S.W. and South). As the passenger jet, flew over at about a thousand feet, I looked to the left a bit to see a small gray cylinder perfectly stationary, at a higher altitude than the jet...I said to myself, "What the heck is that?" The sky was very clear and blue with excellent visibility. As I looked at the cylinder for a few seconds it started to move Northerly at increasing speed, while at the same time going from gray to white and then to opaque and then to invisible. I had the feeling that it knew I was watching it. I kept watching that area of the sky when I saw a dark bird-like gliding craft come from the S.W., at about the same altitude as the had wings, was blackish, and glided like a bird, but was not a bird. I went inside! to get my binoculars but when I came out it was gone. The only noise heard was from the passenger jet.

Back on January 20 and 21st of this year our area of southern Rhode Island was subjected to low flying odd jet-like craft (see my report for those dates). There has been an increase in jet traffic in general over my area, as well as helicopter traffic, for no apparent reason.