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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/20/2010 21:00 (Entered as : 5/20/2010 21:00)
Reported: 5/24/2010 8:52:20 AM 08:52
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: Aransas Pass, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:2.5 hours
I saw floating lights dissapear and reappear many times over widespread areas going slowly west.

12:46 PM 5/23/2010 Aransas Pass, Tx, 78336 At 9:00 pm on 5/20/2010,Thursday, I was at my home, sitting on my front porch. At the time I was working on a song that I had been writing, using a handheld synthesizer. The sky had been mostly clear all day, but it was beginning to get a little cloudy. I needed to urinate badly, so I got up and walked to the side of our property and began my bussiness. It was then that I noticed that the moon was becoming extremely bright, so bright that I began worry that someone might see me, and become offended. I then noticed that the light that was shining so brightly was not the moon at all, the moon being white in color. This was yellow, so close to the color of a street light, that I thought for a brief moment that maybe someone had installed a telephone pole and street light in our yard. That ridiculous notion was taken from me when the "street light" began to slowly move in the direction of the clouds. The light had been so close to the ground that it had eclipsed the moon, but as it moved, I could see the moon again. The light then seemed to shrink in on itself, not unlike a dimmer switch connected to a light bulb. It startled me to the point that I had forgotten I was still indecently exposed. As I stood there, mouth agape, I was starled yet again. This time it was bone chilling. As a hole in the clouds opened up, I saw the night sky clearly. The stars were easy to see, and were clearly stationary, because the clouds were moving very fast, but the stars were remaining still. But what startled me was the sheer number of yellow stars. They were moving in the same direction as the clouds, and these "yellow stars" were above the clouds, because they would be covered up by the clouds as they moved. It occured to me then, that the yellow lights were in our atmosphere, because they were much clearer to see than the stars. I know they were just above the clouds, because some of them were doing what I had seen the first one I noticed doing. They looked like they would have been part of the star field, but they were too many and too clearly observed. To be honest, I thought that we were being invaded. I know, I know, I watch alot of movies, but this was the real thing! I was honestly scared, and I figured that maybe I had better go tell my loved ones that I love them. I was a little shaky as I ran inside to get my brother and mother. I got into the door, and stopped, realizing the enormity of what I was about to say to them. My mother looked at me expectantly, knowing somehow, that I had some important news. At this point I thought, if they are going to think I'm going crazy, then I'm going to force this on them, instead of just telling them. So I said," Mom, you have to help me now!" Then I turned, and ran out the front door. They followed me, but when they saw the lights, they came up short. There were dozens, maybe hundreds, above the clouds, and they would show up in the dozens below the clouds. However, when they would show up below the clouds, it seemed that they were there already, but not shining. Then the light would intensify, sustain, then dim. Sometimes they would just dissapear into a cloud, and would actually "burn" holes in the clouds. I then called my grandma, my best friends, my other friends. Several of my friends were in different places, a couple miles away, but when they went outside, they were amazed. Many people saw these lights, and I think many people are afraid to admit it. I was just watching them, when three jets came roaring in a speeds much faster than lights were moving. The lights did not appear to flee. Instead, they just dimmed down, until you could not see them. They would appear in different intervals in many different places, only to dissapear again. After that there were helicopters flying in really low. They could not get near a light, but it was clear that the pilots were aware of the lights, and desired to close in on them. But it was the same thing as with the jets.By this time there were very few showing up close to the! ground, instead they all seemed to slowly move on to the west! . At abo ut eleven o'clock, I had decided to get the little camera we have. I was waiting for another to come low enough to photograph, but I had to settle for one that was actually at a high altitude. As I took the picture, and the flash went off, the camera died from loss of power. It was probably only coincidence, but the wireless internet at my house was knocked out of service at that exact moment. Upon recharging the camera, I found no picture recorded. That is too bad. I was so excited about seeing these things, that I lost my priorities. Next time I see anything like that, I'm going to have a camera waiting.