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Occurred : 5/29/2010 22:30 (Entered as : 05/29/10 22:30)
Reported: 5/30/2010 9:16:18 AM 09:16
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: New Port Richey, FL
Shape: Unknown
Duration:4 minutes
Slow moving, starlike object brightens and dims as it goes.

On Saturday night, May 29th at approximately 10:30pm I took the dog outside before going to bed. I always take time to scan the skies while outside after dark. Sometimes I take my night vision scope out because there are so many more stars and other objects that are seen with the night vision monocular than with the naked eye. Last night I took the scope outside with me again. I was able to see, what I believe were, two separate satellites traversing the night sky. These are usually always seen at least once a night through the scope.

However, after looking at the sky for a good 10 minutes I was able to see an object that I could not identify. This object was traveling from west to east very high up. Because it was only visible through the night vision I could not discern if this object was within the earth’s atmosphere or if it was out in space.

This object moved much slower than the satellites I see every night, much slower. It also brightened and dimmed in a rhythmic pattern. While the object moved through the sky it would slowly brighten, stay bright for about a second and then slowly dim again to nearly invisible, staying dim for approximately 4-5 seconds. This pattern repeated itself during the length of time I watched the object. It didn’t flash quickly or erratically, nor did it move briskly or erratically. This object stayed on the same course repeating it’s brightening and dimming as it went.

When the object was at its dimmest, it blended in with the smaller, less visible stars in the sky. The size and shape of it was very much like the rest of the stars. I was not at all able to see this object without the use of the scope, even when it brightened to its maximum luminosity. Eventually, this object flew out of sight. Given the slow movement, size and the fact the object was not visible without the scope, I believe this object to have been in space. If it was, it had to have been extremely large! There were other aircraft in the sky during this sighting. I could hear and see an airliner coming from TIA in Tampa heading north and see smaller aircraft to the west heading south. These planes were much lower and faster than the craft I was watching.

I am a paranormal investigator and have some experience in investigating and reporting unexplained events. I have seen satellites, the ISS, shooting stars and all kinds of aircraft as I have served in the USAF and currently reside in an airplane community; this object did not fit the description of any of these things. If anyone knows what this thing could have been or also saw it, I’d love to know! This sighting really surprised and excited me.