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Occurred : 5/1/2010 23:30 (Entered as : 05/-/10 23:30)
Reported: 5/31/2010 4:50:44 PM 16:50
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: Edson (Canada), AB
Shape: Flash
Duration:About 15 minutes each tim
Multicolored UFO seen over Edson Alberta Twice

I didn’t really believe in Alien things before may 1st 2010, but now that I’ve witnessed the same object three times getting video of it twice now, and I have come here to ask if this could be a man made object, such as a night kite or RC helicopter with lights on it.

The First time I had seen this thing and got videotape of it was on May 1st 2010. I was on my way to bed around 11:30pm when I went for one last cigarette, and when I looked up into the sky I saw a strange flashing object way up in the sky above my trailer park. This would be in the North East. The object stayed there for a while and bounced around in the sky from NNE to the North. I had just purchased a camcorder about a month before hand primarily for use in recording precious moments of my baby girl, so I went in grabbed the camcorder came out and started filming the thing, this time it was down lower in the sky. I then went in grabbed a flashlight, and the object flashed brighter at me when I flashed the flashlight at it, before it slowly made its way due North through the tree line. I immediately filed a police report and the officers looked at me as if I were a kook even though I had showed them the video. Later that morning my husband told me it may have been an in ! flight jet refueling procedure, but over our town? So I phoned the Cold Lake Alberta Air force base and reported my sighting there. Needless to say although I’m a new mother with a sound mind and had many respected positions in my careers, I have been receiving flak about my experience. Upon researching websites, over the weeks following this incident, I was shocked to see how many reports of UFO’s there actually are, and that this object has been seen in this part of northern Alberta for over the past ten years.

Here is the first video of the object: I find I couldn’t sleep and I went out ever night watching and waiting for this object to return. On May 24th around 3 am, I saw the thing again over the Catholic school, so I jumped in my car told my husband to watch the baby and went to the field near the school to try to get a better image of it. I made sure I purchased a tripod for the camcorder and this time brought along a 3 million candle powered flashlight.

I discovered upon flashing the spotlight at the object the thing seemed to get scared? It went dark took off and stopped over the sawmill that my husband later estimated is about five kilometers from the school straight to the east. After about five minutes, the thing disappeared. I turned to go back to my car in the parking lot, when suddenly the thing reappeared over the trailer park again. It made a white semi circle glare, went dark and then sped off towards the radio towers north of town. I jumped in my car and followed the thing that stayed stationary over the field north of the towers. I couldn’t get it on video because the thing had turned its lights off? But now I wonder if I was just following a satellite that disappeared, and I was just seeing things above the field? Needless to say I got really spooked standing out in the middle of a dark back road trying to get a (?) on video. I decided to get out of there, and head for home.

So now I think I’ve gone crazy, my husband doesn’t believe me, and is questioning if I’m fit to raise our daughter. I keep watching the video trying to stop the frames to get a clear view of whatever it could be which I’m sure my husband was thrilled about. When on May 28th around 11:30 or a bit later before midnight, the weather had turned cloudy, so I decided to actually stop waiting for this thing to come back, and actually get to bed at a decent time. I was going for my last cigarette when low and behold there it was again this time up in the clouds to the NNW, shining away. The weather had turned overcast, and I checked the cloud ceiling on the weather network later to discover the ceiling was at 3900ft. So I’m estimating that the object was another 500feet into the clouds. I keep my camera on a tripod now by the door, so grabbed it and started filming the object, and finally got a clear image of the thing. Its maneuverability is unbelievable, yet I still question coul! d this be a night kite an old man supposedly flies in a field a kilometer north from my doorstep? I got my husband out of bed, and he now believes me Thank-GOD! He says this definitely is not an old mans kite with LED lights on it. I looked everywhere online for any new technology a person could buy and place on a kite that would make it glow and pulsate like that, but so far haven’t turned up anything remotely close to this thing.

Here’s the new clearer video I shot of it: If anybody knows what this might be, please contact me through this report, Thank-you.