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Occurred : 6/2/2010 23:15 (Entered as : 06/02/10 23:15)
Reported: 6/2/2010 2:52:48 AM 02:52
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: Modesto, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 sec
green light over modesto

I was driving home from manteca heading southbound towards modesto, doing about 65 mph. i saw a bright greenish light pretty far up (can say how far becuase im not exactly sure what its true size was) moving amazingly fast in a north to south direction. i saw it streak from the top of my windshield and disapear in about 2 seconds. this is the second time ive seen it in the last 30 days. last time i saw it it did pretty much the same thing. After 2 sec it simply dissapeared.