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Occurred : 5/28/2010 22:12 (Entered as : 05/28/10 22:12)
Reported: 6/2/2010 9:30:23 PM 21:30
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: Green Bay, WI
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30-45 seconds
Orange object seen moving across night sky. Did not have a trail, nor did it fragment, explode, or change size

On Friday 28MAY2010, a friend and I were visiting a third friend at his house in Green Bay. The residence is located just southeast of St. Vincent Hospital (The hospital is visible from the backyard). This residence is on the east side of Green Bay, approximately 3 miles north of WI-172, and 3-4 miles east of the Fox River (Distances are rough estimates!)

At approximately 10:10 PM, the three of us were sitting on the back deck of the house. I was sitting on a bench at the edge of the deck and right next to the house, facing north-northwest. Friend #1 was sitting directly to my left, facing due North. Friend #2 was sitting on a picnic table in the middle of the deck facing us. As we were talking, Friend #1 happened to look up in roughly northeastern direction and see something in the sky.

He remarked "Is that an airplane? That's not an airplane!". At this point, I cannot remember if he indicated the direction the object was traveling. I could not see the object from where I was sitting because the house blocked my view. I instinctively turned to my left and looked upward over my shoulder, where I was able to view a patch of sky not obscured by the house or the stand of trees at the edge of the property. I managed to see the object as it moved.

I saw what appeared to be an orange "fire-colored" object, very roughly circular, but nebulous in appearance, moving across the sky at a rapid clip. It was about as large as the thumbnail on a man's pinky finger, if held at arms length. There was no trail or halo around this object, nor did it change size as it moved.

Once the object was obscured by trees, I dashed for the west end of the yard, where the line of trees ended (about 15-20 feet past the end of the deck). The object again entered my field of view. Its characteristics had not changed in the few seconds where I moved my position. The object continued on a straight-line course from east-northeast to west-southwest. It did not change speed. It did not appear to change altitude. The object did not change color or size either. Everything remained constant until it appeared to fade just before it left our available field of vision. One characteristic of the object that struck me is that the center appeared darkened somewhat compared to the outer edges. When the object disappeared, it did not flash, "blink" or explode, it just faded in about a half-second.

The sky was clear that night. Despite there being a large volume of commerical air traffic in Green Bay, there was no air traffic sighted other than the emergency medevac helicopter that periodically flew in to land at the nearby hospital. I do not think the flight path of incoming planes intersects with the helicopter's usual flight pattern. This helicopter was not in the area during the sighting.

As my friends and I discussed this object, we were of the initial opinion that it was some type of celestial body which entered and then exited the atmosphere. However the absence of a trail, and the constant shape/size of the object are disconcerting when considering this theory. Growing up in the country, I have seen my share of "Shooting stars", meteorites, orbiting satellites, and what have you. Most meteors I've seen actually moved FASTER that the object in question. The absence of trail is not all that unusual, but a meteor travelling at what appeared to be quite an oblique angle, visible for 30+ seconds, would seem to be large enough to expect to see a trail behind it.

The entire event lasted about one minute, or one minute 30 seconds, from the time my friend spotted the object to the time it disappeared.

Due to my uncertainty about what I saw, I am submitting this report with hopes that: 1) it can be compared to any similar reports submitted from 5/28/2010 or otherwise from Brown County/Green Bay 2) The experts at NUFORC can indicate the likelihood that this was indeed a meteorite or similar (re-entering satellite?) and NOT a UFO Thank you for your accepting this report