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Occurred : 6/2/2010 21:10 (Entered as : 06/02/10 21:10)
Reported: 6/2/2010 10:08:13 PM 22:08
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: Tempe, AZ
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
Saucer shape, flying over Tempe, 6-7 white lights making a pattern as flew south. June 2, 2010 at apx, 9:10pm.

I live near Rural Road and University, in proximity to ASU’s Tempe campus. As two friends of mine were leaving, one got in his car and drove off, the other called for me to quickly come over and look up. As we can only see the "aircraft" from one angle, below us, the object was a circle shape, so likely some kind of saucer/disk. It’s altitude was near what typical, large commercial passenger planes reach as they are approaching landing, near Mill Avenue bridge. The aircraft proceeded to head mostly south, in a slightly west direction. When I witnessed the aircraft, it appeared to be 1-2 miles from me, over head. It silently floated in the sky, as it traveled down over the rest of Tempe (until it was out of my sight).

As my friend and I were watching it slowly drift away, another neighbor came outside to go to their car as well. We called to her immediately, notifying her if she wanted to see a UFO to come quick. She came over and watched with us, as she called her roommate to come outside. By the time the roommate (4th witness) came outside to meet us, all he could see was the red light in the far distance (unable to tell the difference between this and another local Sky-Harbor related aircraft).

To describe the object: It had no color, maybe black, and had a red light at the tail of it that occasionally turned quickly on and off (slight flash). The front lights were a series of lights, between 6-8 white, circular lights that were all on, but one. This is hard to describe, but one light would turn off, in the row of lights, and turn back on as the next one turned off. It repeated this pattern, across the entire row, and back again. Resembles the kind of lighting effects that are used on games we see at the fair, or Peter Piper Pizza, for example.

As I have lived in direct sight of Sky Harbor’s flight path for landing/taking off over the last 4 years, I have watched aircraft during the day and at night time. I know what helicopters look like, and how aircraft are supposed to have one red and one green light (to indicate which direction they are flying to other aircraft) and this did not have these lights. Like I said, the only red light was at the tail. The object moved slowly, similar to that of a police helicopter, using their search light to find a criminal. The bright white lights making a pattern, as the object flew, was very usual, let alone unsettling. The object made little sound, very slight puttering sound, but almost nothing at all.

I am a 21 year old female, just graduated from ASU. The other observers are one male, 22 year old, current ASU student. The other witness, another resident at this apartment complex off 8th street and Dorsey, is about 19-20 years old. Her roommate is male, between 21-24 years old.