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Occurred : 6/1/2010 04:00 (Entered as : 06/02/10 4:00)
Reported: 6/13/2010 12:48:48 AM 00:48
Posted: 6/23/2010
Location: Groton, CT
Shape: Light
Duration:15 minutes
Bright light, too low to be a satellite, hovers 10 mins. then abruptly disappears. watched with binocs.

June first, 2010. Groton Long Point, CT. I was sitting on the porch of my parent’s home directly on the shore of Fisher’s Island Sound, unable to sleep (for personal reasons). It was a perfectly peaceful, clear, quiet night (a.m.) I noticed a bright light hovering over the waters of what looked to be just outside of Stonington harbor (could have been more like Watch Hill, hard to tell). At first, I thought it must be a heli, but there was no sound, and it did not move for ten minutes. I have seen the satellites way up in space, this was at heli level. Obviously, it was not a plane, because it wasn’t moving.

I was curious enough after 5 minutes of hovering to get the binocs out. I watched through them for the next 5 minutes, then it seemed to spin (I saw a second light) and then quickly disappear towards Rhode Island, I watched it through the binocs till I couldn’t see it anymore (probably took about 30 secs. For it to disappear.)

I was so blown away, and bummed that I was the only one in the household that actually saw it. Surprised there aren’t any other reports of that sighting, though it was rather late (or early).

Please let me know if anyone else saw this! I know what I saw.