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Occurred : 6/14/2010 22:15 (Entered as : 6/14/10 22:15)
Reported: 6/28/2010 11:15:11 AM 11:15
Posted: 7/6/2010
Location: Hewitt, NJ
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
White spec of light high up in sky that brightly flashes & disappears

You have a report in your database, dated 6/14/10, time 22:15. Located in Monroe, New York. I live just south of there on Greenwood Lake, in Hewitt, New Jersey. I am a believer and I frequently read your site for updated reports. I just read the report mentioned, and have to tell you, I saw the same thing that night, same time.

I sit outside at night on clear nights, watching the sky for shooting stars, etc. I've seen satellites before and thought I was watching one that night, when the same thing happened as mentioned in other report. I watched the "satellite" come south to north, heading towards Monroe, NY, and then it flashed brightly and disappeared. It was simply a white spec, like a distant star, until it light up bright & was gone. I thought maybe the "satellite" was so high up, the sunlight bounced off it. (Is that possible from north NJ?).

Anyway, I found it interesting to see the same report here. I enjoyed the sighting that night & forgot about it the next day, until just seeing the report today.

I've seen many shooting stars & satellites over time, but never one that started as a white "spec", moved quickly like a satellite, but then flashed brightly & disappeared.