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Occurred : 6/27/2010 00:00 (Entered as : 06/27/10 1)
Reported: 6/30/2010 9:04:00 PM 21:04
Posted: 7/6/2010
Location: Hat Creek, CA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:10-15 seconds
Two sightings of the same object within 22 hours of each other in Northern California

This is two events within 21 hours of each other. At approximately 12:40am Sunday the 27th my friend and I went outside to talk and we were seated facing west. I was looking up to the southwest a bit when a bright flash of light with a diamond shape object in the middle just appeared. It came in really fast through what I call a portal, with a bright flash of light. AS it entered it stopped in the sky almost as fast as it came in and floated slowly from my left to right, a south to north movement as I could tell.

After the initial bright flash of light as it broke into our atmosphere and as it began it's glide/descent, the light quickly faded but not light instant on instant off. It just dimmed but as the celestial craft dimmed it also began to cloak or transform into a small light behind the foliage of the tree. I could see the small light just either go away from me or disappear altogether. My friend witnessed some of the event but not all; from the dimming glide to the small light. This event took about 10 seconds or so.

I was in total awe but the initial reaction I felt was that stir in your stomach and that tinge of fear that comes from seeing something so celestial you just know it is not of this world. I thought. "Oh my God" and I exclaimed 'what is that!?!" which was then when my friend pulled the focus. I could see the object/craft so clearly as it entered our airspace, and I say that because I have seen many things concerning outer/inner world phenomenon like fireballs screaming across the sky, meteors striking our atmosphere so hard I could see the outer layer of earth's atmosphere and even sightings of UFO's floating in the sky. This brightness entered our earth and came to a halt as if it was the easiest thing an aircraft could do.

The second sighting came at 9:35pm the very same day, Sunday 27th and lasted more or less about a minute. Me and my friends jokingly said, "let's sit outside and lets see em again." We looked in the same position and my friend says,"here they come" but in a joking manner because he saw a bright star coming at us. He said it again, and then again and I realized the pitch in his voice changed and this object was moving straight towards us.

It was moving, no gliding across the sky from west(southwest) to east(northeast). It was in perfect view and I could see the diamond shape craft/celestial with a light that was so bright and . . . pure. I mean, I can't really describe it because I have NEVER seen such beautiful white bright light like this celestial emanated. It was smooth as glass and it was so bright and white there was this hue of blue in the center of the diamond shape... incredible beauty of light! It was so . . . pure It was too early for a star to be this bright. Even Venus was dim because there was light in the sky still. This was as pure brightness and a color of light I had never seen. As it moved across the sky it was unworldly in its movement. By that I mean unlike any aircraft we know today. Not like a plane or even a high flying jet aircraft. They ALL move with a worldly rhythm but this moved so effortlessly across the sky at a pace that is not of this planet. It glided without movement or turbulence of any kind and the brightness of the light NEVER wavered. It stayed beautiful and bright throughout the course of it's flight until it went out of our vision. It moved from west to east and it was SILENT and PERFECT! NO SOUND came from this celestial at all. I ran from one yard to another yard to follow the flight path and I tried videotaping it but I could not capture it. I'll look again but it was dark on camera.

I know something big is happening. It just falls into place with what I know is occurring with the planets. My psychic ability tells me that we are in a transformation for all the human race but now I realize this is on a much larger scale than even I had foreseen.

I am still in awe and I know this is not just another sighting, I just know that. Seeing something move across the sky is one thing; watching a diamond craft/celestial enter our airspace, and come to a halt like it did with such ease is another. Maybe it didn't know, or care, that I saw it enter but it wanted us/me to see it later that evening. It was clear and not fuzzy, it was close and not far away although I cannot tell the size from its flight. It looked HUGE when it entered the portal early morning but much smaller when we saw it later. I/we saw it clearly and it was, for lack of better words, beautifully perfect.