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Occurred : 7/2/2010 20:30 (Entered as : 07/02/2010 20:00)
Reported: 7/4/2010 11:48:06 AM 11:48
Posted: 7/6/2010
Location: Aurora, IL
Shape: Oval
UFO Sighting Over Aurora, IL Two Witnesses Involved

So I Live In Aurora Illinois & On July 2nd, 2010, At Around 8:30 PM My Mom Tells Me To Take Some Formula To Sister For Her One Year Old. So On My Way Heading Southbound On Montgomery Road I Just Decided To Look Up At The Sky While Driving Because People Where Using Their Fireworks. So As I Was Passing The Cornfield By Copley Hospital. I Looked To My Left & I Saw A Aircraft Flying Very Low. At First I Was Shocked & I Looked Again To Make Sure It Was Not My Imagination Or My Mind Playing Tricks On Me.

I Quickly Got Out My Cell Phone To Take A Pic But It Was Too Dark To Do So. Anyways What I Saw Was A Huge Craft Darkish Gray Color With A Bunch Of Red Lights Going All Around It. It Was Oval Shaped I'd Say.

I Called A Friend Of Mine To Tell Him What I Just Saw. He Told Me To Call The Police So I Did. I Called The Aurora Police & Told Them What I Saw. I Told Them To Take Me Seriously & That I Was Not Joking. The Operator Just Said That She Would Send Someone Over By! The Direction I Described.

So When I Got To My Sisters House Which Is About 5 Minutes From My House By Car. I Told Her What I Saw. So On My Way Back Now Heading Northbound On Montgomery Road. I Was Looking For The Craft Again. I Could Not Find It. I Get A Call From My Mom To Pick Up Some Medicine For My Little Sister At The Walgreens That's On The Corner Of Montgomery Road & Ogden Ave. So I Get The Medicine In The Drive Thru. On My Way Out I Saw The Craft From Earlier Flying Now Several Hundred Feet In The Air. Going Towards My Neighborhood. So I Call My Dad On My Phone To Go Out Side And That I Will Be There In Less Than A Minute. I Had Already Called Him Earlier & Told Him What I Saw. As Im Pulling To My House I Tell My Dad Who Is Outside Now To Look At The Craft. I Swear I Have Never Ever Seen A Craft Fly Away So Fast. It Was Zig Zagging & I Got My Father To See What I Saw. The Red Lights Made It Possible For Us To See It. & Just As Fast As It Was Going It Was Gone. Not To Be Seen Again. Because Of This Now When Ever Im Outside Either Driving I Will Pay Attention To The Sky. I Truely Believe I Saw A UFO. There Is No Way A Huge Craft Like That Can Be So Low By The Corn Field By Copley Hospital With Out It Making Some Kind Of Noise.

I Wish I Could Have Tooken A Picture. Sorry Guys. I Looked On Line & For Army Aircraft & None Of Them Look Like What I Saw That Day. So I'm Convinced What I Saw Was Not Of This World.