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Occurred : 7/4/2010 21:00 (Entered as : 07/04/10 21:00)
Reported: 7/8/2010 8:53:14 PM 20:53
Posted: 7/10/2010
Location: Baltimore, MD
Shape: Circle
Duration:about a minute
Circular white light flies over Baltimore on July 4th

On July 4th, at approx 9 pm, 9 of us were sitting on a porch on Eastern Ave across from Patterson Park waiting for the fireworks to start. It wasn't completely dark yet and we were looking up because of fireworks and helicopters. I saw a light above that was a circle shape, the light was white. It was very high in the air, way too high to be a helicopter with a spot light on, and was definitely not a plane. I don't know the exact direction, but it came from the inner harbor area, and went over Patterson Park. I asked everyone to look up at the light and everyone agreed it was definitely not a helicopter due to how high it was. It seemed to be in the height of where commercial planes fly, but it was definitely not a plane. It was about a pen cap size, definitely bigger than a star or a planet you can see with your eyes. It moved slowly, it didn't zig or zag, just in a slow fluid way. Then, towards the end, it was hard to see as it was like it was shimmering out of sight. You really had to look for it to find it towards the end, then it just disappeared. It was a clear night with barely any clouds in the sky so it wasn't like it disappeared behind a cloud.

The light, was very solid in the center, then it was like a very slight black ring, and more light, almost like a halo around the center light. I hope that makes sense, I feel like I'm having a hard time explaining it