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Occurred : 7/4/2010 21:35 (Entered as : 07/04/10 21:35)
Reported: 7/9/2010 2:37:44 PM 14:37
Posted: 7/10/2010
Location: Danbury, CT
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:25 Seconds
triangular/teardrop shaped orange light with a slight flicker to it rocketing across the sky with no sound

At approximately 9:35 PM Sunday July 4th, Danbury, CT (nearest cross street Belair Drive and Kingswood) I saw what appeared to be an orange teardrop/triangular shaped flame (not a perfect triangle but more triangular than a teardrop) arching overhead. I first noticed it at 35 degrees WNW from my location. It continued up overhead to about 85 degrees (almost directly overhead) and gradually faded out of view as it got smaller and smaller ESE at about 10 degrees above the horizon. It took about 25 seconds to move this distance. I did not hear a sound coming from this object so I would say that it was above the Earth’s atmosphere but not as high as the International Space Station (ISS) as I’ve spotted that a few times on separate occasions and on one occasion I saw the station also pass almost directly overhead like this object. I cannot be certain how high the object was but that is my impression.

The object appeared to be a flame although it was different from a typical rocket in that although it remained relatively constant it had a slight flicker to it like the flickering of a candle only a more rapid flickering with more of a sustained luminescence. The flame appeared to have an edge on the forward side and came to a point at a length of about twice its width. I could not discern a physical object in front of the flame as I was looking for something in front thinking it was perhaps a missile or the space shuttle. The light of the object was about half as bright as the ISS at its brightest when I had seen the ISS at about a year ago passing directly overhead.

I saw only the one object and it’s motion was continual and followed a straight path and it was moving at least twice as fast as the ISS (or perhaps the same speed but maybe half the distance?). This object literally appeared to be rocketing across the sky. It’s size from my perspective was about 1/8th the size of a full moon as it passed overhead. There were 4-5 other witnesses across the street about a 100 feet away from me.