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Occurred : 7/7/2010 22:00 (Entered as : 7-7-10 22)
Reported: 7/9/2010 7:24:33 PM 19:24
Posted: 7/10/2010
Location: Seattle, WA
Duration:Five hours
When space ships decend out of the stars and come down to earth very slowly, hardly anyone notices.

July 7th 2010, 10:00pm Walking down a street in western Seattle, I looked to the sky and saw a large bright gold object crossing the sky from east to west. I watched it because it was unusually large and near to the earth. The object suddenly began to fade away at a rapid speed and then turned red and disappeared altogether. Later that night, I saw four or five other bright objects zoom through the sky at an insane amount of speed. Some of the objects would disappear and then reappear and others would turn from gold to gray. At about 3:00am on the 8th of July I saw a brilliant light that appeared to be a golden magnetic energy rise from the earth until about two hundred feet off the ground at which point it stopped emitting the gold light and began to blink in a manner very similar to a commercial jet. The object then blinked a pattern of red, green and blue lights, turned in my direction and then flew over my head. I was unable to discern its shape. It then flew away and as the distance between it and me increased, the blinking lights made the object look like a shimmering star. But if you scrutinized it closely, you could tell it wasn’t a star, but some form of advanced technological cloaking device. Then I noticed there were other “stars” in the sky that blinked in a similar fashion. As I watched these objects, some of them moved slowly through the sky, while others zoomed at very high speeds. Then they objects would settle down again and mimic the stars.

July 8th 2010, Dusk.

Due to the prior night’s events, I found a good viewing spot (the top of a hill in Wedgewood) and began watching the sky much earlier. From this vantage point I witnessed hundreds of these "stars" crept across the firmament and descended ever so slowly from the real stars to earth. They moved so slowly that if I hadn’t been anticipating the event and patiently watching, I never would have noticed. But I did notice. And as the ships reached Earth the sun went down. But just before it was totally dark, I caught a brief glimpse of one of these ships. To my surprise it resembled a very sophisticated space-plane. It hummed soothingly. The other ships then came in my direction traveling slow and low, but keeping their lights in a fashion as to mimic commercial jets. Occasionally the light pattern would change into a sudden brilliant display of undulating red, green, blue and gold lights. The ships then circled around Seattle for an hour or so, at which point some of them scattered! out in all directions, while others settled in the sky and mimicked the stars. I stayed up all night watching the ships that remained. Some had three lights and appeared to be triangular; others had four lights and appeared to be square. I got some footage with my cell phone. But the quality is pretty low. Also, they knew when I was about to take a picture because almost every time I raised my camera, they would change from what they were doing with the lights back to a commercial jet pattern. I talked out loud and it was as if they could hear me. For a while nothing particularly obviously out of this world happened. So I said, "Okay, I’ll but my camera away." Then the ship nearest me did a good deal of rapid blinking and all of a sudden, to the south, I saw a golden light arise over Capitol Hill. It neared me. When it flew past, I saw that it was another ship that had just come in. Then I walked home and went to bed.