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Occurred : 7/8/2010 22:50 (Entered as : 07/08/2010 22:50)
Reported: 7/10/2010 9:43:39 AM 09:43
Posted: 7/10/2010
Location: Centralia, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 seconds
3 white orbs traveling southbound near I-5 come to complete stop than dash away - I noted the event on Twitter.

My roommate and I were traveling home on I-5 northbound and were somewhere between Centralia and Rochester, WA, Thursday evening, July 8, 2010. At approximately 22:50, while in the car, I saw 3 glowing white orbs hovering just above the treeline very close to the freeway.

The size of each orb was fairly large, I'd estimate them at between 10 and 20 feet in diameter. The three orbs all seemed to be similar in size. They made no noise I could hear from the freeway. Each one glowed with pure white light.

Within the span of seconds, the three orbs came streaking from seemingly out of nowhere across the sky, towards us from the north, then came to a complete stop, hovered momentarily just above the treeline, then dashed away very quickly towards the south.

As soon as the orbs had sped away from us, my roommate, who was driving said, "Wow, did you see that too?" We then had a conversation confirming that each of us had seen the event.

I decided to submit this report after reading a local news article regarding the same event. A unique thing about this sighting is that after getting home, I noted the sighting on That record can be found here: