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Occurred : 8/14/2007 16:00 (Entered as : 08/14/07 16:00)
Reported: 7/12/2010 2:33:16 PM 14:33
Posted: 7/19/2010
Location: Vancouver (Canada), BC
Shape: Other
Duration:1 MIN
flying, stringy, orb, brain shaped object

Since what I saw is very difficult to describe I am hoping that someone else out there has seen what I have seen. The reporting of this event is late yes, however. As the years go by I feel compelled to report what I have seen.

I had just got home from work, sitting on the rear porch waiting for my girlfriend to get home. I know the date was the 14th, of August 2007 as this day lands between my girlfriends and my sisters/niece birthdays’. The day was clear, warm with no clouds in site, the time was about 14:00. The following events only lasted about 45sec-1min, quickly, I realized what I was looking at something that has not been seen, nor described to me in any way before. I got a really good look at the object, I knew that taking note of the fine details would help me remember. Trust me; this is something that I will never forget.

I sat there looking to the NW direction. Moving slowly from North to South, I saw, what I can only describe as a “flying brain”. This may sound funny, however the first thing that came to my mind is that the object was in the shape of a brain (kidney type shape). The shape of the object did change though. As it was moving, it would seem to take shape to the wind. I would not call it round, square, saucer, ball..etc… the color was similar to fire; reddish, orange and yellow. I was not a ball of fire..

I had time to look at this, the following description is “exactly” what I saw. I will use products to assist with my descriptions, again, I have never seen, nor even been described anything like this before.

Altitude: about 300’ off the ground Size: about 30-50yards long x 10-15yards total (it was flexing, in the shape of a brain, but moving as it moved) Speed: about 60km/h Distinctive features: • it was stringy. You could call it a mass of string (like that under a baseball), but the strings was very defined, defined enough that it still strikes me to this day.

Colors were vibrant and defined. You could see the yellow, red, orange. They were separate from each other and I could tell by looking at it. This, along with the string was the most amazing part and the part that I cannot explain the best.

The strings would move, like tentacles kind of. They were not all pointing in the same direction, they were moving in different directions while the object moved to the South. Each string was a defined color, and the color was it’s own. There was no common pattern of the colors of the strings. The strings seemed to be different lengths.

I saw no lights, no doors/windows (points of access), no writings.

It moved in the same direction, did not climb, did not descend.

It was silent to me.

While watching this, there was one of the neighbours kids playing in our backyard. I told him to look up at the object. The child does not speak English, other than a few words. When he looked up he said “the sun”. I said to him that yes, it does look like the sun, however it was not. He did not seem much more interested in the object.

I continued to watch it move across the sky. Within the 45-1 minute time frame, I was able to get a really good look, I wanted to remember this for the rest of my life. When it went out of view it just went out of view, I cannot say if it sped away or disappeared, it was just out of my view behind buildings.

After watching what it was, I looked around to see if anyone else was out side, there was no one. I looked at the sun myself (maybe the child was right and I am crazy), the sun was not even close, and, did not look like this. You cannot stare at the sun for 1 minute and expect to see normal again, this was not the sun. I thought of what the kid said, and yes. It would resemble the sun in a way. If you see photos of the sun (close up telescope type), you see the fire leaping from the sun’s surface. This fire leaping would somewhat resemble the strings that I spoke of earlier, as the color as well. I know what fire looks like, this was just not fire..

A lot of people laugh when I say it was a flying brain. I use this description only to describe the shape, and, it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. It was like an orb. The orb was what appeared to be the main body, strings came off of and all around it. The orb, when the object moved, would move into a brain shape. I do laugh at my brain description myself, but, it is what it is..

I do believe in UFO’s, I have seen a lot of unexplained lights and stuff, but, never anything like this, and never anything that I would report as it could be too many other things. This object is not nothing that I have ever seen. After seeing this, I am sold that there is something else out there.

Anyone that thinks I am full of it, or crazy. You have your belief and that is just fine. I am not interested in anything other than trying to find out what this was. I am not saying that it was visitors from outer space, paranormal or anything else. I don’t know what to call it, I have never seen anything like it, except on that day.

Please, I ask that if you have seen something that resembles this I would love to hear about it.