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Occurred : 7/14/2010 23:18 (Entered as : 07/14/2010 11:18)
Reported: 7/15/2010 12:04:53 AM 00:04
Posted: 7/19/2010
Location: Regina (Canada), SK
Shape: Flash
Duration:1 hr
8 objects high up in the sky that flash white, red, and green lights

Red, green and white flashing lights in the sky. I have seen this phenomenon 5 times by myself over the past two months. It does not occur every night. It always seems to be around 11:15 pm. I called my husband and my eldest daughter to see it one other night. The one time there was only one in the sky my daughter said she thought it was a geo satellite. Each other time there have been only one or two of these lights in the sky. They flash red, green, and white and are very high up in the sky. They do not look like stars because the stars stay white and these flash the colors. I have driven the area where I have often seen them looking for cell phone towers or RCMP communication towers and there are none in the area where they appear. The objects are also too high in the sky to be on a tower. They are too far apart and appeared in the NE part of the sky, SW part and the due W part of the sky. So it can't be kids playing with balloons or anything l! ike that. Besides balloons float upward and these stay stationary and only once have I saw one move.

Tonight I saw the one very bright one and thought, it's back. I smiled. I noticed another one. Then I saw a white light appear and flash very bright it appeared to be three times bigger than the stars nearby and then just disappear just near that bright one that had the flashing lights. I called my husband. He came out to see. We counted eight of them in the sky in various areas. My husband watched one move very fast and then seemingly disappear. He IS NOT a believer in UFO's. I asked him if he thought small time Regina was so exciting that ANY government in their right mind would place 8 satellites overhead this often to observe US. The google earth image stays daylight and had summer images in the winter time. See I don't think we are THAT big of a priority here. We do not have any special industries. I just feel that we are NOT a likely target of any sort of massive government interest. I called my mother in law and asked her to step out onto her balcony from! her place. She did and she saw them too. I said alright so it is now confirmed by some people other than me. I am the only believer and both of you have seen them. My youngest daughter and her cousin went outside to see what we were up to and they saw them too.

Still in the sky at 12:39 pm. The one that flashed the bright light has not reappeared and there are NO stars where it was when it flashed. Regina does not typically have more than two commercial passenger airplanes at the airport at one time. WE ONLY HAVE FOUR GATES IN our AIRPORT and only two luggage conveyors. So it does not make sense that we would have 8 objects flashing red, green and white lights in our skies that sort of sit stationary for the most part and then move really rapidly once in a while.

One night I tried to take a video or a picture of the brightest object assuming it was the closest to me but it did not show up on my camera as it must be too far away. Perhaps my camera is just not good enough.

The lights have now disappeared. ALL OF THEM. It is now 1:03am.