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Occurred : 7/17/2010 23:00 (Entered as : 07/17/10 23:00)
Reported: 7/19/2010 10:17:33 PM 22:17
Posted: 7/28/2010
Location: Bruneau/Mountain Home (between), ID
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1-2 Minutes on and off
3 Lights, 25 Ft. Off The Ground Forming A Triangle Flash In And Out Twice & Then From Afar Coyotes Howl At It For 4-5 Minutes

MY UFO TESTIMONY: It was Saturday, July 17, 2010. Me, my girlfriend and her son visited the Bruneau Dunes Observatory in Idaho (between Bruneau and Mountain Home). The staff was there along with us and 20 or so other people. They did not allow us to have on any white lights and the only lights there were the small red reflector type electrically lit lights on the cement. At around 11 PM I was facing what I believe was South East towards the Education Center (look at the map I provide. I think that was the direction) and suddenly out of nowhere, above the building, three white lights with green on the outer parts of the lights flickered for 1 to 2 seconds and then they in a sense “turned off” like you turn off a light in a room. It just went black. It seemed that even though these lights were like 7 FT. or so above the building, they were actually coming from further away, ahead of us and were probably a lot bigger than what we saw. Keep in mind the building is 10 FT or more in height. I think! I said out loud, “What was that?” There was a guy on the left of me who saw it too and so did my girlfriend who was on the right side of me. They both clearly confirmed what I saw. We continued to look in that same direction and only a few seconds later the three lights flickered on again for 1-2 seconds and then disappeared. Whatever it was, it did not emit any noise at all. From where I was standing, it looked as if each light was 2 ft. or so in diameter or almost double the size of the moon from where I was standing if I put my thumb up to the moon which was to the right of us almost behind us. They looked size-wise like three double-sized basketball shaped balls of light that were glowing white and green and shook a little bit. There was 1 light on top and two others on the bottom, forming a triangle shape, but I did not see any structure holding it all together. It must have been much further away from us.

About a few minutes later, we suddenly started hearing a pack of coyotes a little bit from the left of the building, but far ahead of us, over 150 FT or more away making some very nasty howling noises as if they were on the defense against something that upset them. They were howling (right) in the direction of where we saw the 3 lights. Their intense howlings got more intense and nasty for about 4-5 minutes or so. Keep in mind that we never heard the coyotes howl before or after they howled. This only took place after the lights emitted twice and then ended. After that, they went on the coyotes went on and on for 4-5 minutes. I asked one of the staff members who was manning one of the telescopes about it and I told him what the three of us saw. He said to me, “What are you guys smoking?” Still the young guy in a baseball cap who was about 6 ft. tall and around 27-32 years old saw the lights. Me, I’m 35 and my girlfriend is 38. All three of us saw it. We, the three witnesses, and my girlfriend’s son were the last ones to stay at the observatory with the staff. I spoke with the person who gave the presentation in the education center earlier at 9 pm and he didn’t act like he didn’t believe us but from what it looked like, he had never heard of this before and was startled a bit but very calm and professional. We then went home. It is weird to call this a UFO since as it seems from what I saw it was a "UO" (Unidentified Object) since I nor the other witnesses saw it "fly" or "fly away". It just blinked in and then out and then the coyote's flipped out, yelling at whatever it was.

Some background info you should know: Today, July 19, 2010, I contacted the Bruneau Dunes Observatory and mentioned this situation that happened on Saturday. They were very nice. Apparently this had never happened there before. I asked what was beyond the building. Two people at different times on the phone told me there was 150 FT of mowed green grass. Beyond that is a lake, which they call “small lake” (people fish there) which is left of “big lake”. Apparently both lakes combined make up half the size of a football field (300 Acres). With that info and the fact that they said that coyotes are afraid of people and would not be on the 150 ft. of grass behind the buildings, they must have been on the grounds area past the grass and on the surrounding left of “small lake”. I won’t make any assumptions, but if I put this info together, it seems to me that whatever this triangular light object was (at least we saw it as triangular from our view) it could have been hovering over ! the lake and it flipped out the coyotes 2 minutes after we saw it and they were yelling at this object for 3-5 minutes. I also contacted Mountain Home Air Force Base that is way on the other side of all this and spoke to them about it. The lady mentioned that they did not hear about any of this and that they do not have any dealings in that area since they are on the complete other side of it (behind where we were standing). Other info I found out is that the observatory is 20 miles south of Mountain Home and 6 miles SW of Bruneau. I believe that is what the lady at the observatory told me.

MY GIRLFRIEND’S UFO TESTIMONY: It was past 11 PM on July 17, 2010. We were at the Bruneau Dunes Observatory in Idaho. I was lying down on the circular cement seating to the right with my head up looking towards the tree next to the Bruneau Dunes Observatory Education Center. First I saw two round lights. One at the top and one below it to the left of it and it appeared that there was another light behind the branches of the tree on the right. They flickered forward and back for a second, but when they retracted it was very smooth. It looked as if they were on top of the roof but they weren't. I didn't know what they were. And then I sat up and asked my boyfriend, "Did you see that?" and he said to me, "What was that about?" and then I saw it again. I saw like three rounded white flickering lights. They were not aligned. I saw one on top and the other one was one across from the other. I said again to my boyfriend, "Did you see that?" and then he said, "(my name), what was that?" And there was a young guy sitting opposite from me on the circular cement seating area, and he said, "I saw that too. What was that about?" And then I told my son, "You missed it!" He was sitting in front of me on the cement seating area but was looking in the opposite direction. My boyfriend, the guy and I started talking about what we saw. My son was also with us as we were talking. I thought it was cool but weird since I didn't know where it came from. My boyfriend said, "I saw three lights and they were kind of green." And then the guy who also saw it agreed with my boyfriend and said, Yeah, they were green." I said, "No. The ones I saw, they were white." As we were talking, the coyotes started to howl and they angrily started barking, like they saw something. They were on the left side of where the lights flashed. The coyotes were howling for about 4 minutes then stopped. That was the only time we heard the coyotes that night.

After the coyotes stopped howling, my boyfriend told one of the observatory staff members what we saw and then he said to my boyfriend, "What are you smoking?" Then my boyfriend said to him, "I'm not the only one who saw it? They saw it too. My boyfriend pointed at me and the other guy who saw it. Then my boyfriend said to the observatory staff member, "If I'm smoking something, it's Parliament Ultra Lights and Wallgreens is my supplier." The three of us and my son continued talking about it, wondering what were those lights. We had the question the whole night: “What was that?" And nobody could answer the question about what we saw.