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Occurred : 7/21/2010 02:50 (Entered as : 21/07/10 2:50)
Reported: 7/20/2010 6:29:17 PM 18:29
Posted: 7/28/2010
Location: Dirksland (Netherlands),
Shape: Unknown
Duration:atleast 30 minutes
Extremely bright light, completely stationary in the sky and maybe a short and small moving light ray omited.

I am a 20 your old guy from the Netherlands. I'm a Mensa member since a few months. I don't drink nor use drugs. I know quite some things about astronomy but I'm nothing close to an expert or anything like that.

Since a few weeks I've seen an extremely bright "star" in the sky at night time. The first time it seemed like the light of an airplain, yet it missed the blinking white and red light of the wings and it was so much brighter. And it moved much faster but dissipated before it was out of view. It didn't have a tail or anything else a normal meteor has.

Tonight I saw it again but it was completely stationary. It didn't move at all. Not even when I compaired it with the stars. When I first looked at it my eyes almost hurt of the brightness it almost looked as if it was a tiny sun of it's own but the light did not difuse. Then I noticed that the light seemed to get a little dimmer but when I looked closer it was as if its aura (at night the moon has a circle of light around it sometimes when there's a thin layer of clouds) was shifting it made me think of the head light of a car in the mist yet it was very short-ranged and I couldn't really make out if it was really like a moving "head light". But then around the object itselve. Even though it was far away and due to the light not really clear I did have the idea it was a bit triangle shaped but it could just be rays of light.

Now about half an hour later, 3:12 AM, it's gone. I've kind of a light head ache of looking at the bright light but I only watched it for some 5 minutes and that was almost 30 minutes ago. I also felt some sort of pressure on/in my head even when I closed my eyes, when I watched it. And I'm one of those rare, blessed persons who doesn't have head aches, ever! But I could be a side affect of my light sensitivity, but still, sunlight never has an effect on anything like this.

I also tried to take a picture of it but my camera wasn't able to capture it due to the extreme light contrasts between the black sky and the bright "star".

I made a picture but its really vague if you still wanted to view this picture let me know. But at the moment I don't have the needed cable to put it on my computer, with me.