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Occurred : 7/29/2010 09:00 (Entered as : 07/29/10 09:00)
Reported: 7/29/2010 8:25:52 AM 08:25
Posted: 7/29/2010
Location: Lakewood, CO
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 Minutes
Silver Object, flashing and floating in place. Commercial Flight Altitude.

To the West, over the Rockie Mountains, I saw a grey/silver object floating stationary at my best guess around 30,000 ft. It was near commercial flight altitude. Too high for a helicopter, and not moving at all, unlike a flare, missile, or Satellite.

It would periodically and randomly flash a bright white light at me, as bright as a super bright iredean flare. Not in any kind of consistent order like FAA lights. Every now and again it looked like the light shown right at me. Atleast in my direction.

Over the course of about 10 minutes it started to slowly move off to the North where I couldn't see it anymore.

I took pictures and video of the object. I can't see it yet, but I haven't put it in Photoshop to blow it up and clean it up yet. But I did notice 2 round very strange lense blurs on my camera. Almost look like if you were to look down into a cone of water. Only when I shot photo's of the object did these blurs show up...