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Occurred : 7/14/2010 22:44 (Entered as : july 14 20 22:44)
Reported: 8/2/2010 4:00:37 AM 04:00
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Brampton (Canada), ON
Shape: Fireball
Duration:approx 1 sec
Noticed a blue fireball and cloud/chem trail in the sky

Sitting on my porch at 2244hrs (10:44pm) I was watching the sky as always when A blue fireball went straight across my field of vision approx 100 meters away, And maybe 300 feet in the air. It appeared in the SSE sky, In a major landing path For Pearson International Airport. The total visible time of the blue fireball was 1 second or less. The fireball left some sort of cloud/chem trail that I observed from 2244hrs until 2302hrs. The cloud/chem trail was at first whitish, not very long in length,and then changed color to orange, And then streched to 6 times bigger then first left. I timed it after the sighting.It was a clear night in southern Ontario.I seen the weather satillite image on the news(and the sky with my own eyes). What I thought was weird and could possibly back up my sighting was that the airplanes waiting to land at PIA,stopped circling in the west sky and started circling over lake Ontario. The time I noticed that the planes changed their landing pattern! was 2254hrs.If this helps.