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Occurred : 7/31/2010 23:05 (Entered as : 08/31/10 23:05)
Reported: 8/3/2010 12:24:17 PM 12:24
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Stanmore, Winchester (UK/England),
Shape: Light
Duration:Two minutes
Low flying orange spherical UFO / filmed and revealed to be displaying distinct illumination

At 23:05 hours on the evening of August 31st, 2010, I happened to look towards the southeast from the upper floor of my home and noticed a fast moving brilliant and steady orange colored spherical light source. The source was moving wards the north-northeast in a smooth steady motion, which I estimated given its relative distance of roughly one quarter mile from my position to be traveling at between fifty and seventy mph.

As it flew, the source appeared to make a small, very smooth deviation from the straight course it had been following when I initially noted it, and in a long lazy arc came to a complete stop in the sky approximately at an angle of sixty degrees above the horizon, wherein it seemed to perform a complete stop and then in a matter of seconds faded away to nothingness (this effect may have been achieved by the source moving away from me on an easterly course, gradually being lost from view, or by some other means).

I was able at the time to motion capture approximately fifty-nine seconds of the source objects flight using a Kodak EasyShare C813 8.0 MP camera, which when played back seemed to indicate that it was spinning, and was not entirely orange in color. Instead, brilliant instances of white and a very brilliant and distinct blue hue were also in evidence.

Sadly, due to my initial attempts at sighting the camera on a moving object set against a black sky and under less than ideal circumstances, the initial footage is shaky, but still clear enough for it to be clear enough for analysis. At the time of the incident, the sky was heavily overcast with broken slow moving clouds. There was a full moon, and the source appeared to be moving along some distance below the cloud base.

I wish to point out that the route on which the object was seen is part of the regular flight path for aircraft coming into Southampton Airport, yet it was moving counter to the established route and was seen to be carrying lights ((which were not)) consistent with known aircraft.



My apologies, that was an obvious and somewhat unfortunate mistake on my part. The date should read, July 31st 2010, not August as you so rightly pointed out.

Also, be advised that a small typo should be amended, it is "yet it was moving counter to the established route and was seen to be carrying lights consistent with known aircraft," which should read:

"...yet it was moving counter to the established route and was seen to be carrying lights which were not consistent with known aircraft."

Thank you.

If you are interested in the footage, it is just under 60 seconds long and in MOV format just under 18MB long. If you know of any reliable means wherein I can send that securely without correuption and at a lower file size, I would be interested in hearing about it.

Thank you for contacting me.

I have an additional comment to add. I have only just learned from my father who lives at the nearby village of Fair Oak, Hampshire, some seven and one half miles from me that on the night of August 25th, approximately 22:50 hours, he observed two independently operating orange spherical light sources. In the course of the observation, the objects travelled an undisclosed distance, probably no more than one quarter miles knowing the viewpoint that he had, and from south to northeast.

The sighting was terminated when one of the objects stopped abruptly in mid-flight and shot straight up at considerable speed, followed five seconds later by the second, both subsequently vanishing from sight.

I can attempt to obtain additional details, but this is certainly curious given the nature of the object that I personally observed and managed to capture in motion.



((NUFORC Note: All requested corrections have been made in the text above. PD))