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Occurred : 8/8/2010 17:55 (Entered as : 08/08/10 17:55)
Reported: 8/9/2010 11:20:20 PM 23:20
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Waukesha, WI
Shape: Circle
Red/Yellow blinking/flickering light with unpredictable flight path

On Sunday, Aug. 8th I observed what appeared to be the red blinking light of a radio/cell tower at just before 10pm. From the West end of Madison, where it intersects with DT, the light was slightly north west, appearing just above the tree line. I have observed that there is a cell tower in that vicinity, however the light that I saw appeared to be acting more similarly to the light of a lighthouse than the on/off blink of these towers. The light changed from a large red to a smaller, dimmer yellowish amber - similar to that of stars. And then it appeared to fly off. At first I suspected a helicopter, however I could hear no sound and the rate of travel was inconsistent with my expectations, thus this posting.

I have noticed something similar this evening, appearing this time in the south west sky and appearing to be much further away than what I observed last night. Again, the red/yellow 'blinking' and unexpected movement.

Perhaps this is merely light from stars that flew around like firecrackers at the end of their lives thousands of years ago and the light is just reaching us now.