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Occurred : 8/11/2010 18:45 (Entered as : 08/11/2010 18:45)
Reported: 8/11/2010 6:34:55 PM 18:34
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Naperville, IL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 seconds
Spherical object or ball of light flying low and fast while recording clouds

August 11th, 2010.

Sony DCR-TRV140 Digital8 tape Camcorder with 20x optical f=3.6-72mm zoomlens Naperville, IL approximatley 6:45pm Clear Blue sky. perfect, small breeze. 90 degrees faranheit.

There is a chair in the front of my garage, I use the armrest of this chair to mount my camera, and record the clouds in the sky 1 hour at a time, to timelapse animation process them through my computer using windows movie maker in windowsXP.

My camera was screw mounted on this chair, pointed dead east, in the exact oppisite direction of the sun, its angle was adjusted to about 55 degrees to get a view of the first batch of clouds I saw. I then zoomed the camera in to 5x optical, and clicked record, I then left it alone so I could do other things.

After observeing the sun with my telescope for 50 minutes, I came back to the camera, clicked the stop button, picked up the camera, retrieved my telescope, then went in the house to process the video with windows movie maker.

While playing back the video, approximatley 15 minutes into it, after the first cloud passes, what appears to be a white ball of light, traveling incredibly fast, and seemingly low, zips into view coming from the west, and exits the frame into the eastern horizon toward the direction of Chicago.

The camera audio pickup was set on high, and no sounds are heard. This video was captured on digital 8mm tape. I did not physically witness this event, only the camera did.