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Occurred : 7/20/2010 21:30 (Entered as : 7, 4, 2010 21:30)
Reported: 8/12/2010 6:38:40 AM 06:38
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Portal, GA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Red/Orangeish, or Golden Colored Lights, many appearing then Fading out Together, and being in one place then another instantly,,,

I believe the date was around July 20-30th sometime, not sure exactly what date but I believe it was on a Tuesday night though so most likely the 20th. The time was around 9:30PM - 10:00PM. We were driving to Millen Georgia on I-25 if I remember correctly around Portal when we observed what we believe to be multiple UFOs. This wasn't the first time, I had seen a very similar thing close to that area as a child maybe 10-15 years ago. You can see from the map on this link exactly where the sighting took place between I-16 and Millen somewhere on I-25 heading north from I-16...

What was seen cannot be described any other way but very ominous, for me anyway. I was looking straight ahead at the road through the front windshield and didn't notice anything. I was in the middle of conversation when my mother, who was driving, said "Hey, is that a UFO?" jokingly. It was directly in my line of sight however I didn't seem to see anything until she said something. When I focused my eyes I began to see Orange/redish or more like golden colored lights in the sky. Roughly 2 or 3, although she had been looking longer and counted 5 or 6, approximatly 300 to 600 yards high off the ground.

As I had just glanced and only witnessed 2 or 3 for no more than 5-8 seconds, they all simply faded out at the same exact time. The odd thing is that it couldn't have been clouds covering them because they all did it simultaneously and they were approximately 2 or 3 miles from each other, spread apart throughout the sky in front of us.

My mother claimed that the other ones that I had not seem did the same thing a few seconds earlier. Then another golden light appeared maybe 2 or 3 minutes later to our front/left. It was very high up at first and only visible for a few seconds then faded out, far too high to be a light tower. Then this proccess repeated with no noticeable pattern of timing with only 1 golden light for about the next 10 minutes. I do some photo minipulation and 3D work for my career so I know distances, angles, and optical illusions very well and this was no illusion. As we got closer it began to appear lower and lower to the ground, another indication it was not a light tower. It never got under maybe 90 ft from the ground though. The last time we saw it, it was on the left side of I-25 going north and about 1 mile to the left I believe. It would disappear, then suddenly appear again in its quite unique golden color for about half a minute or so in different places and appeared to be completely still then it would fade out again. It was very steady, no pulsing just faded in then out again.

I later relayed this info to some family members who live in the area and they said that they had seen some very similar things at other times as well around there. Another interesting detail is that the very next night an extremely severe Lightning storm occurred in that same area. Literally the most severe Electrical Storm I have ever encountered. The thunder was loud enough to cause the entire house to tremble, and it had a sharpness to it that a .44 magnum revolver couldn't reproduce if it went off right next to your head. I've heard that many sightings take place just before or after very severe lightning storms.

One of the reasons this was so ominous to me is that I had recently had a dream of seeing a large UFO only a week earlier, which is not a common dream for me. In the dream seeing this UFO was so daunting that it terrified me and I awoke, a dream I'll not soon forget. On many occasions I have made predictions from my dreams that I discussed with people that later came true, this dream had a similar feeling so I did discuss this with my mother before the sighting took place. In the dream my mother was next to me on my left just as she was during the sighting.

I reported this on another website as well, and someone had a very similar sighting with lights of the same color and character only 30-40 miles south of that location in Jesup Georgia just 2 months before. Here's the site...


Just want you to change a detail on the other report i made, change date to 7,20,2010, I was thinking 4th of july, sorry