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Occurred : 9/20/1999 02:00 (Entered as : 09/20/1999 2:00)
Reported: 8/13/2010 12:04:11 PM 12:04
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Momoishi (Japan),
Shape: Triangle
Encounter described in details

What I’m about to describe next isn’t open to discussion. I’ll simply put what I came to know through an experience which can’t be described by words has changed everything. I don’t expect you to believe and, honestly, I don’t even care what you think. I will never disclose any of my personal information simply because my end of the rope is weaker than the end where a government stands and I still need to pay my bills. Denial it’s an unbreakable law kept by all means where one’s life value means little or nothing against governments and corporations.

Also, I would like to ask your discretion for what I am about to describe will affect the way you see life itself, including religion. If you truly believe in God, stop reading this. I wish I had this option myself because once you lose hope, there’s nothing left. Trust me. Sometimes, ignorance it’s the best patch to find happiness.

I’ll start saying that I’m not American. This experience has nothing to do with stories about Area 51 or Roosevelt crashes. I’ve been in 29 countries around the world and speak 5 languages and I work with computers (I will not disclosure my profession).

The year is 1999. Just another Friday night under a beautiful sky, around 2am. Location: North Japan. Life in Japan is really stressful. It’s normal to work more than 12 hours a day (at least in my branch). It’s very different from western countries where people socialize with their neighbors and have a social life. In Japan, you socialize at work and with family and one’s circle of friends are those people from school times. Kind of weird but that’s how most people live their lives in that island. So, the most common question: - Were you there alone? Yes, unfortunately.

What were you doing there? Relaxing.

At 2 am? Many people (like myself) go shopping at the supermarket 2~3am. It’s normal in north Japan.

Does the government know about the incident? Hell yeah, I saw 2 F-16s trying to catch up before we left, probably from the American military base in Misawa, 15 to 20 miles from where I was.

What you mean "we?" Keep reading.

I was at the beach on a city Momoishi. It’s an industrial park that has a long walk patch where you stand 5 to 6 meters above sea level. This patch was actually built to break waves brought by tsunamis and high waves formed by a typhoon that hits Japan very often.

Walking along the patch, the only source of light is the stars and the moon. If you ever went to a place where there are no cities around, you’ll know what I mean. The sky shines in a way that it’s impossible to see on the cities. That goes without talking about the fresh air from the ocean blowing smooth on the hot summer. Just perfect. I did that a lot before that faithful day.

I walked about 3 miles along the coast before I spotted a bright light coming from the hoods. I thought it was just young people parted in one of the many parking spots along the cost with their Xenon’s headlights. In Japan it’s pretty common and affordable to have a custom car, just like you probably saw on movies. I didn’t really pay too much attention. Actually, it has kind like blurring my vision because when you walk in the dark and suddenly you see light, your eyes take some time to adapt and you go almost blind when trying to see dark spots again.

So I kept on moving carefully, watching out where I was walking. I wanted to walk faster so I could kept appreciating the beautiful, quiet and peaceful night but I heard a "boom" coming from the light. It was so dammed laud that I thought it was an explosion of some kind. It scared me to death just like when somebody plays a trick on you. I looked back and saw that, once bright white light had moved vertically and now has changing colors. I thought to myself that maybe it was because I was half mile away so it was just a optical trip but I discarded this option because I was the one already at 5 to 6 meters above the sea level walking the patch and I that car supposed to be at least at the same level as I was, not above. Despise me been blinded again because of the light, I started to run back on the light’s direction. Maybe someone needed help. I took my mobile to call the cops. It was working but it was completely useless.

Everything had vanished, including the OS. No line, nothing worked besides the backlight. That’s when I stop running a got scared. I got really scared. I know that takes a great deal to an electronic device to be how to call it, "erased?" And of course, all those stories that you heard about thieves, monsters, and ghosts start flooding your mind and you just get in high alert like your life is in danger or something. I can’t even describe the feeling. The air becomes heavy, hard to breath and you just want to get out of there. I started to run again, blinded by the light. Of course, the worst happened. I feel from the patch. Blinded and now hurt, that was the worst that could happen. At first, I didn’t realize how bad I got hurt. I was trying to find a way to climb back and run to my car and go home. Where I was, there is a small forest between the beach and the patch. The trees are spaced and almost no ground vegetation. Depends how is your mood, it can look beautiful or r! eally scary.

I stood up back on my feet but when I looked forward, no more that 10 meters away, that small guy with his huge head has staring at me. My legs gave up on me at the very same moment. I was shaking so much that I couldn’t even screen for help. Thinking about it now, I am not half of the man I thought I was. It’s embarrassing and pathetic.

My eyes were starting to get used to the environment. That’s when I saw a second individual behind the first one, between 2 trees about 25 meters. If you ask me what I was thinking at that time, I would say: - I don’t. I wasn’t able to hold even one thought in my mind or make reason of the situation I was in but I was well aware that it was an encounter.

I heard a lot of stories about abducted people and crops. I always thought that it would be nice if were true but for me, it was nothing but a good story. But now days I think to myself: those were really brave people that were capable to make a reason of the situation and analyze the circumstances or it’s a complete hoax. Either way, I never thought that my body and mind would give up on me so bad. The worst part for me was the staring. Those big "black shiny" eyes were so indifferent, so cold,...I can’t explain. One thing I know for sure. Those eyes saw right through me. I tell you why.

I don’t really know how long it took until I heard a voice saying: Come down now! My head has steady facing those individuals at all times like a cat hunting a mouse. My full attention was to those two standing before me but I didn’t saw no lip moving. I looked around real quick and I heard again: No harm will come to you. Come down now. That’s when I realize that the voice was I my head.

Without even realize, I start putting some order in my thoughts. My shock state has start been replaced by reason. Until this point, my head was a mess. I can’t tell how long time had passed since I first spot the first individual and I didn’t paid attention at all on the light anymore. I felt like if I took my eyes off the subject something bad would happen to me. Slowly, I stood up and took a defense position. I start to look around for places where I could run. My legs stopped shaking but my shoulder and hand were killing me. I look at my hand and I saw a lot of blood. I cut my hand deep when I felt and also mess up my shoulder. I tried to stop the bleeding by holding the cut with my other hand. While I was attending my hand I heard the voice again: No harm will come to you. Until that point I haven’t replied a word but this time I asked: what you want from me? The voice replied: To teach.

I never knew if just one of them were talking to me or both. The voice was always the same tone. It never changed. The following is a series of questions and answers that followed my first reply: Me (after a short moment of reflection, I said -always using my own voice-): I do not understand and I am scared to death. What do you want to teach me? Voice: No harm will come to you. I am here to answer your questions. I am here to show you our ways.

I couldn’t think of anything to ask besides what regards my safety and situation. Then I asked: Me: If you mean no harm to me, can I go home now? Voice: I am no more alien to you that you are to me. I am here to help you. To guide you. I cannot force you to see what I want to show you.

In that very moment, the second individual backed up and disappeared in the dark. The one standing in front of me took a few steps back. A heavy silence stroke the air. I asked: Me: What will happen to me if I choose to see what you want to show me? Voice: No harm will come to you. I will show you our way. I will guide you.

Me: Will I be allowed to go home after that? Voice: Yes.

At the same moment, the second individual appeared and joined the first one. I looked around again hoping that somebody would show up…the voice said: This way.

As they turned around and started walking deep in the hoods heading to the light’s direction, I could clearly see for the first time the anatomy of those individuals. Unlike us, it seems that they try to balance the head while walking which gave me the impression that they push the neck back and direct the head down in order to look straight. It looks creepy.

We walked 300 meters (approximately) towards the light. I avoided looking up because I didn’t want to be blinded and lose sight of my surroundings.

There was a platform like thing ahead. I hesitated. The two individuals stepped on the platform and turned to me. I headed: This way. My story begins here.

Before I start I must state that I don’t really care what you think my story it’s a lie or true. I still have my life to take care, my bills to pay, my reputation as professional to keep and a social life to attend. I won’t compromise my life to satisfy your ego or curiosity. It’s for you to decide what to believe. It’s for you to decide how to deal with what I’m about to tell you.

We live our lives based on what we think it’s true and based on our own sense of justice. Because of that, we rage wars against whatever contradicts what we think its right. What if your truth it’s an illusion created to deceive you, to control what you think? I put all these conflicts behind and now I’m just trying to have a good life and enjoy every second of it. I truly don’t care if people kill each other over oil, money or whatever because, in my opinion, we are a no more than a cancer for this planet. We are not even able to understand each other and organize like cancer cells does. That put us lower as viruses. How pathetic.

Anyway, my opinion counts for nothing and that’s not why you are reading this so let’s move on.

I walked into the platform keeping my distance from those individuals. I guess they were prepared or experienced of dealing with primitive civilizations such as ours (comparing to theirs). There was in no moment pressure or treat on their part against me but I could tell that they didn’t trust me too which is completely understandable.

he platform started lifting toward the light. As we approached, I could see the craft’s “belly”. It has triangle shape, dark colored (maybe because was night), and the strong lights were coming from something that looked like half spheres placed along the corners plus one right above us. Unlike the lights on the corners, the light above us was like blue neon but not strong enough to blind the eyes. Actually, that particular light didn’t affect my eyes at all.

We float into the air for about 20 to 30 meters, just above the tree top.

Once we got onboard, the blue light faded until shut complete off. The first thing I saw was one more individual standing on the edge of the platform, just like it was waiting for our arrival. I started to shake again thinking to myself how stupid I was for been there. At the same moment I heard the voice saying: No harm will come to you. That’s when I realized that they could listen to my thoughts.

I asked them how come they could go into my head and talk to me. They answer that they can’t communicate with me if I choose not to listen. It said that nothing can be imposed.

The following sentence was: This way.

The compartment we arrived was rounded and the walls were just dark. There were 2 entrances in front of me and a bigger on the other side. They the 2 entrances had no doors but the bigger one was closed with the same material as the wall. I could tell it was a door because of the void in the wall. I don’t know for sure though.

We took the right entrance. Two of them in front of me and one on my back. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable on my entire life. In this corridor, we passed through 3 other entrances closed by similar material as the wall. There were no symbols of ornaments anywhere. By this time, my body was hurting so much and my hand kept bleeding. I was really tired. We enter a room which has a table like thing which I was asked to sit. Two of them entered the room along with me but one of them followed the corridor. One of them took my hand and pointed a pen like instrument towards my wound. I felt like getting an electrical shock so I pulled my hand away. As I looked at my wound cleaning the blood using my shirt, it was fully closed and a small scar replaced the wound. I was amazed. Once more, it pointed the instrument on my shoulder and the pain was gone (after the shock, of course). As it returned the instrument to its original position, I heard: This way.

I stood up fully recovered. I was no longer tired plus I felt my body was lighter. As I followed the two individuals, I came to realize that they also no longer had trouble walking. My conclusion was that the craft environment provides a lower gravity allowing the body to waste less energy. Again, this was my conclusion.

All of them looked exactly the same just like a copy of each other. They were wearing metal like filters although I don’t think it was metal.

We went out of the room back to the corridor. After 3 entrances closed by doors, we turned left which leaded to another corridor. This time, it wasn’t so dark. I could see some sort of device on the left wall spreading to its entire length. It had some small blinking lights on it but nothing fancy.

I didn’t count how many doors we passed by for I was looking the device on the other side of the wall but the corridor lead to a wider room where another 2 individuals were sitting on something like chairs. There were control panels on the front wall which was rounded in just one side. The panels where transparent and full of symbols draw by light, very different of our standard monitors. Their hand movements were always slow. My best guess it that they don’t used their bodies randomly like we do by making sports or other activities. Every time they talked to me, there were no movements at all. No gestures or lip moving, nothing at all.

Suddenly, the wall and floor became transparent like glass. I was able to see the moon and the city’s lights below us. That’s when I realize that the craft’s position had changed and we were no longer at the beach and no longer at low altitude. I didn’t felt a thing.

As we slowly flew across the city below (I think it was Hachinohe but it’s impossible to tell), something happened. The two individuals sitting on their chairs pointed to dots of light on the east pin-pointed at the wall. The view just zoomed like you zoom your video camera but in high quality image. I recognized by shape two F-16s approaching fast. The image zoomed back to normal then suddenly, all the wall images faded into a dark blue and soon into black with bright dots everywhere. It took less than 2 seconds. We were in space! My perplexity was broken by the voice saying: Listen carefully for you are in danger.

I took a second to react. I was about to ask it how come but it starts its speech: - The universe is a cycle of life. Life is re-engineered at the end of each cycle. During each cycle, new species are created and develop conscience but at the end of the cycle, those consciences are destroyed to allow new species and conscious to rise. Only those species capable of organizing and learn will be allowed to go through the next cycle. My specie was allowed to continue through the next cycle by understanding the rules of the universe and its compositions. You are not prepared to continue through the next cycle. You will be destroyed.

I was shocked. Those bastards lied to me by telling me “no harm will come to you”. I felt anger and I hated myself for been so stupid. Then I said: - I thought that no harm will come to me. That’s why I am here. To learn. Not to be destroyed! The voice continued: - Our mission it’s to find species capable of communication and teach them the rules of the universe. No harm will come to you.

That’s when I realized that it was referring me as a human been, not as individual. My head exploded with questions but it continued.

Throughout time, we came to you to teach and to guide. We showed you how the universe works and teach about the stars. We send one of our own throughout time in order to live among you and teach our ways. And yet, you still fail to understand.

I interrupted it by asking how come I never heard of another species teachings on my planet. It replies: - We sent one of our own through one of your vessels. A vessel is no more than a transport as machines are a way to enhance the vessel.

I interrupted it again by asking: - Why am I in danger? Why telling me this? What can I do? - The end of the cycle has come. We will help those who have learn our ways as we did to those we teach how to build. No harm will come to those who are willing to understand and learn.

A few seconds were filled by silence. Then I ask: - Even if I am aware of this, what difference could I possible make? Who will believe my story? Why can’t you land your craft before the crowds and make your point yourself? - Nothing can be imposing. We have a pact with your species that allow us to contact you individually but not public in exchange of technology. We will no longer come back until the cycle ends. When it does, we will help those who can be saved. No harm will come to you.

My interest of their technology or the craft itself disappeared completely. It wouldn’t even reply all my questions properly. Without even realizing what’s were going around me, I looked to the wall and I saw city lights. We were on Earth again.

I heard: This way.

We walked back to the corridor, just back to the rounded room where we arrived. I was dropped 30 km away from where my car was parked. My clock has dead, my mobile dead but I had money enough to take a cab.

I never spoke a word about what happen that night and I never went back to that beach alone again, especially at night time.

This is my story. Feel free to discard or do publish it but do not try to locate or contact me in any way. I will not discuss this in public.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))