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Occurred : 8/12/2010 23:35 (Entered as : 08/12/10 23:35)
Reported: 8/13/2010 11:44:57 PM 23:44
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5-7 minutes
@ the intersection of Priness Anne Road & Upton Drive, near Red Mill Commons...

A buddy and I were heading home from grabbing a bite to eat when we stopped at a traffic light and saw three lights moving in one direction. My friend asked if I noticed that the far left light was behaving oddly; it wasn’t flashing, but it would seemingly disappear from view at random intervals. I thought it looked like a plane, at first, but the light positions and behavior didn’t correspond with those of typical navigation lights. Right before the light turned green, the object seemed to stop. I was close enough to the ground to use terrestrial objects as a reference for its position. We then began travelling towards the object on a two lane highway, leading out to the rural part of town (I gather from the way it approached that this was where it was originally, before moving towards us). The closer we got to it, the more we realized that it had stopped moving and was hovering over a field. It was frozen in place. The radio was at a very minimal volume and we both had our windows down. We were more than close enough to hear a jet turbine, prop chatter, etc. At our closest point I would imagine it was roughly 125 yards out in the field.

The craft was triangular in shape, but somewhat thin from a side view. It had three lights, one on each corner of the triangle shape, and a spotlight on the front (or in the direction was moving, rather), which was casting a fading cone shape, straight ahead. For a brief period, I also noticed a faint blue light emanating from underneath the vessel. We pulled over in a turning lane just beyond our point of perp endicularity. As we stopped, the car behind us pulled over in the same turning lane, just ahead of us. My friend got out of the car to catch a better look, but my view was perfect from inside the car. Shortly after stopping, the craft began floating across the road we were travelling, not quite a quarter mile behind us. It was directly above the street; I would wager it was about 150-200 feet above the ground. It was travelling very slow and was heading behind the shopping center we had just left. We pulled up next to the other car and asked the driver if he saw what j! ust happened. He said he just got off the phone with his girlfriend, telling her about the hovering object. He claimed he was a seasoned pilot and began commenting on the object's triangular shape and strange hovering. He explained how the particular craft looked and behaved unlike anything he had ever seen.

Side note: This is a tough position to be in. I used to mock those that reported UFOs, but now, I am one of them. My friend and I, plus the other man in the car behind us, saw something that was simply unfathomable. This was no faded smudge from a distance or a lightning fast stream of light; this was up close and personal.