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Occurred : 8/16/2010 20:58 (Entered as : 08/16/10 20:58)
Reported: 8/18/2010 1:32:35 PM 13:32
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Antioch, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:15 mins.
UFO sighted over Antioch, CA 08/16/10 Stationary for 10 minutes.

Two of my friends and I had just arrived outside my friends apt. complex. We were waiting for one of my friends to get out of the car. while we were watching him take forever to get out, i noticed a very bright pulsating light in the sky directly lined up with his car just miles in the distance.(i'd say it was over the delta near travis air force base)Due North.

One of my friends thought it was a planet the other thought it was a star going supernova. i'm well versed in my astronomy and told them that there was no star or planet in that direction (due North), especially none that bright.

We watched as it sat completely still, hanging in the sky for about 5 mins when two men got out of their car and were going into the apt. complex; so we stopped them and asked them if they thought that it looked like a helicopter. they said,"hell no! that's a UfO." they watched it with us for about one minute and went inside. it was still stationary at this time and still very bright and pulsing.

At that time two of our friends came out of the complex because one was getting a ride and the other was walking her out. As soon as they saw it one of the girls said that's a UFO, we didnt even tell her what we thought it was. The other girl saw it and ran into the house because she was afraid. The girl got her ride and we still sat watching it.

The object then started to dim, then brighten, then go even more dim still. as it did this it moved slightly up, then stopped;slightly left, stopped; and up once more and stopped. The whole time my two other friends were trying to call the people we knew in the apt., but none of there phones were working.

We were thinking it was getting bigger for a moment, then i realized it was coming straight toward us. the object moved very slow and was completely silent. when it did reach us, it was 100% lined up with our position, i mean when we looked up it was not to the left or to the right, it was right on top of us! we waited for it to pass a little then ran inside our friends apt. to try and get them to come out to see it. they came out as it was nearly passing the apt. complex's walls.

We watched it fly into the distance when it suddenly split into to separate lights with a good amount of distance between the two. we watched it until we couldn't see it any more. The whole experience lasted about 15-16 mins. After the experience was over my two friends that saw it the longest with me, and myself, felt very ill and shaky.

After we went back inside we stepped out for a cigarette , this was about five minutes after we went in; we saw a black stealth bomber, running below super sonic, flying in the exact same direction as the UFO.

I checked MUFON's website the next day to see if anyone reported it. The stealth bomber was sighted slightly more south than my town, which is the direction it was heading, coming from the north. The object was not reported that night, but for the previous night there was a report of an object moving in the exact same pattern,(up,stop,left,stop,up,stop, and then flew right at them) just about 20 miles North of my town.