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Occurred : 9/5/2010 18:35 (Entered as : 09/05/10 18:35)
Reported: 9/6/2010 5:29:53 PM 17:29
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Wells, ME
Shape: Fireball
Duration:4 minutes
Orange soundless object sceen in night sky above southern costal Maine town in early September 2010.

At approximately 18:35 hours on Sunday the 5th of September 2010 myself along with 5 other witnesses spotted an unusual object in the night sky. Our location was at Wells Beach, in wells Maine looking out towards the eastern sky over the ocean. The object appeared in the southern sky and proceeded to move in a north-easterly direction. The size of the object was hard to speculate, the nearest thing I could compare it to would be the size of a helicopter flying at approximately 500 feet above sea level at what appeared to be a half mile out to sea.

The shape of the object was unknown, all that could be seen was a bright orange fire-ball. The object made no noise, as a helicopter or airplane would. Its speed was too fast for a helicopter but too slow for a jet. A smaller sensna style airplane was out of the question once again because of the lack of noise. The object did not appear to have made any turns or abrupt movement, it simply followed a straight course for about a mile or two. Then almost like a dream, the object faded into the blackness of the night sky just parallel to our position. A second object of the same description, just a little bigger and closer to shore, followed about 5 minutes after the first had disappeared. The second object also vanished at the same point the first one did. The strangeness of the object was unmistakable due to the presence of other normal aircraft in the night sky such as planes and satellites. We were able to get most of the second object on HD digital video.

The observers consisted of four college students, a mother, and one high school student who were all outside enjoying the cool late summer evening by the sea.