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Occurred : 9/12/2010 00:00 (Entered as : 09/12/2010 10)
Reported: 9/12/2010 11:36:13 PM 23:36
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Lee's Summit, MO
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:1h 48min
i saw the 2nd craft clear as day with 2 large prepelers spinning fast without creating a single sound wave.

Over the past 3 weeks my brother and i always saw a florecent bright round object in the same sw direction of the sky as it always was at all times of the day and night but it was very hard to make out during the day almost to where the naked eye could never see it unless you knew it was there. The way i found out for sure was one day im bringing the trash in at 7:30am and i look up like every day and there was nothing i could see. i was walking back in and i just take a 2nd look and there were 3 thick lines of white smoke that i could see for a very long distance, but within 1min to 2min the very long thick 3 smoke lines had evaporated, it looked like to me. Which brings me to tonight, my brother and i saw the 1st craft in the sw sky like we have seen before at dark. Although we were shocked to see what we saw as it faded in and out from bright light to no light about every 4min during which time it was rotating slowly with dim colored lights under it, colo! rs ive never seen in the air. We start to see it move more aggressivley, moving all directions in very short, fast distances. it looked to us as if it was shivering like when its cold. very fast shakes but never moving to far. It did that for 5 to 6 min then it vanished, we were watching very closley and we took our eyes off it for 3-6sec and it was gone. After 5min my brother goes inside to eat and i keep looking hopeing i will see it again. Around 30min i see it again but not moving or anything it was very still with very dim colored lights on the bottom, i beielive the colors were a orange, red , and yellow, but again it was dimmed down and hard to determine. So i stand there in the middle of the street just looking up. I began feeling more or less tickeling feeling on my neck and back, also a very scary fearful feeling in my head like i was surrounded by sharks and they were taking a long time to eat me. (if you can kinda understand that just toying with me in a way). I! turn around very fast and looked pin point at this bus leagnt! h flat o val about 50 miters from the ground hovering and moving very slowly forward in the direction of the other craft. It had 2 big square lights at each end of the back of it like tail lights but far brighter then anything on the other craft.(the square lights were bright white almost with a hint of blue, cause i starred at them after it passed over my neibores 4 houses down and remember about 50 to 70 miters of the ground. A very amazing thing happened to me when that 2nd craft came in to real clear view, it looked like a oval pancake with 2 jumbo sized helicopter prepelers on it spinning very fast, but 100% compleatley silent. The 2nd craft followed in the direction of the 1st craft untill they became out of sight over some woods and a neiborhood. After that i ran home to think about what happened. and right when i was running across the street 3 small roundish balls, they had like a shinney gray color a color that i could not relate to anything that i have seen before. As i lo! oked at the objects they begain 1 at a time to extend this long bindable rod of some sort, still connected to them. No noise was made by them. They gradually lifted of into the sky at a slow rate untill they eventually were out of sight, took about 20min. So by that time we could hear a load of helicopters moving in that direction. And that was about it, i wish i could remember more, i was just so damn scared and in shock it felt like. I trully regreat to inform you that i have no physical proof. The only proof i kinda have is that it has been returning alot over the month. I promise i will get the evidence you need. Thank You Sirs

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Jupiter? PD))