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Occurred : 9/16/2010 05:15 (Entered as : 09/16/10 05:15)
Reported: 9/16/2010 4:08:25 AM 04:08
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: St. Louis area, MO
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 seconds?
Long-distance viewing of something that seemingly defied the laws of physics???

I typically go out on our back deck to smoke a cigarette / drink coffee after waking up. This morning, I noticed what appeared to be a "star" of some kind in the southern horizon, positioned at roughly 45 degrees elevation in the sky. It was basically a small, faint "dot" and dimly lit with bluish-white light. At roughly that same instant, I noticed the object was moving; my immediate half-awake thought was "airplane." But just as quickly, I realized there were no flashing navigation lights visible. For the next few moments, it continued tracking roughly southeast at what appeared to be a relatively CONSTANT rate of speed. It then suddenly accelerated out of my view, appearing to travel "straight out" away from my location - and into space? Upon contemplating what I just observed, there seems to be no other plausible explanation: (1) Orbiting objects (such as the ISS or satellites) would simply continue tracking across the horizon; appearing from one side of your vision, then disappearing at the other.

(2) Celestial bodies (comets, meteors, etc) or man-made objects launched / in orbit around our planet, are generally subject to the laws of physics. Therefore, their rate of travel would be relatively constant, exhibiting a "smooth" and gradual movement across the sky.

(3) Considering the above, I have never observed any such object "suddenly accelerate" to what would have to be an incredible (almost incomprehensible) speed. I have seen the space shuttle / ISS in orbit, and roughly know what 17,500 MPH looks like from the ground; at first, this thing was going about that fast. Moreover, and the part that really has me scratching my head; this is the first time I have observed anything seemingly travel AWAY from our planet and into space.

Very strange indeed, and I don't quite know what to make of it...