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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/26/2010 00:04 (Entered as : 6-26-10 0:04)
Reported: 10/15/2010 4:22:44 AM 04:22
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Greenville, IN
Shape: Other
Duration:3 min.
Three spoke shaped craft with white lights in center and at spoke ends, blue lights between white ones

The UFO was a three spoke object (Mercedes emblem shape) each spoke approx. 25-30 ft. long, 4 -6 ft wide, with a white light in the center of the spokes, and at the end of each spoke. There were several blue lights along the length of the spokes between the white center and white end lights. The blue lights were so bright when first observed that I thought they were long blue tube lights. As I approached the craft, all the blue lights went off except for one on each spoke next to the end white one, and the white lights pulsed in different sequences as I coasted to a stop just below the craft. The white lights ( four total ) were bigger and brighter than the blue lights. The craft was hovering just above the tree tops silently off the side of the road. The UFO floated over me ( I was in a convertible with top down ) and as it did a hushed jet engine sound with a loud "crackle" in it was audible and went silent again after it passed over me. It disappeared over the tree tops just off the left side of the road, and I was unable to locate it after turning around and looking for it. The night was clear with a full moon.