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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/20/2010 04:20 (Entered as : 10/20/10 4:20)
Reported: 10/21/2010 2:49:06 AM 02:49
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Southfield, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:13 minutes
Two ufos in the sky initially, then they separated and one appeared out of nothing next to one of them.

I was about to go to bed when I noticed some funky lights in the sky. I saw two UFOs in the sky a few feet away from each other. They were maybe several hundred feet away from my bedroom window and one had lights dancing around it like they were chasing each other . The crafts didn't have any sound. Next, they began to move away from each other and then the one that was traveling in the SE direction...get this, one APPEARED out of nothing and traveled alongside it, very slow, but closer to me. Then to add to the awkwardness, a star shot past them both.

This all happened between 4:20am and 4:33am.