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Occurred : 10/6/2010 20:45 (Entered as : 10/06/2010 20:45)
Reported: 10/24/2010 11:45:28 AM 11:45
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Moran, TX
Shape: Flash
burnt orange balls in the sky in Shackelford County Texas

LOOK I AM NOT CRAZY I AM A SHERIFF DEPUTY. ON WEDNESDAY 10/06/2010 AT AROUND 8:45pm. Myself and my 11 year son where driving home from seeing my mom when i saw a bright burnt orange light just above tree top level hovering over a pasture at first i thought maybe it was a helicopter but there was no strobe lights normally seen on a helicopter . i turned to my son and said look at that light when all the sudden there appeared another light next to the first light we first noticed then there appeared more lights one after the other of the same color and size there where like maybe six of them all in a perfect horizontal roll. we stopped in the middle of the road and watched these light they where not moving just still when all the sudden the lights began to flash in sequence from left to right beginning with the first light we saw the flashes where not random but in a pattern left to right. the flashing lights started flashing slow at first but began flashing f! aster and faster left to right then it was like theses balls of light became one light ball and in that instant it moved like nothing i had ever seen before it accelerated i am not sure how to describe it it was like it was there and in a instant it move maybe like a mile away and again began to hover over a mountain range. i remember think there is no way i am seeing this and turned to my son who at this point was halfway in the floor board of my truck he was yelling oh my god over and over again i looked at him and said did you just see that he said yes take me home dad.I then got out of the truck it was off i dont remember shutting it off but i must have i could still see the light in the distance and there was no noise and i called my mom who lived a couple of miles away and told her to walk outside and look to my direction to see if she could see the same ball of light but she said she could not see anything. i dont know how far we where from the lights when they appe! ared i am not good with distance to me we where less than 100 ! yards aw ay it was just there right in front of us in this pasture its a plowed field with just one tree in the pasture. i dont know what myself and my son saw all i know is that i have never seen anything like it before i know it wasn't a gas ball or whatever people say they are the flashing was not ram-dome but patterned left to right over and over again slow at first then faster and faster then when became one ball and it accelerated. Look i have told some people what i saw and they look at me like i am crazy i know what we saw i just want to know what is it it wasn't a helicopter or a bunch of helicopters it wasn't a gas ball there was intelligence behind the flashing. i just want to know what it is we saw. that is why i am reporting this i just want to know has anyone other than me and my son has had similar experience happen to them and yes I did call it in to my department when i got home after about an hour debated with my wife if i should.