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Occurred : 10/31/2010 12:41 (Entered as : 10/31/10 12:41)
Reported: 10/31/2010 12:25:07 AM 00:25
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Philipsburg, PA
Shape: Circle
Duration:c. 4 seconds
Night observation of bright, white circular light descending soundlessly in straight path from sky toward the ground.

A sudden light caught my attention in a clear, black, sky. I observed what appeared to be a bright white circle in a perfectly straight downward motion. I had been looking straight ahead,NNW direction,and it appeared that the light suddenly clicked on. Blackness was in my upper field of vision, then, there it was. Comparing it to a moving car, I would approximate the speed to be 20-25 miles per hour. No wavering; no curve; no speed variance; no light trail. There were many stars overhead, but none visible in the field behind this dropping light. . I say “dropping” rather than “falling” because it seemed to me that it was moving more slowly than an object that size would fall the distance that it did. It also seems that, if it were an object that it was of a weight heavy enough that it would not drift.

I caught sight of it as it was was approximately 45 degrees up from ground level. As I do not know the distance from me, I am unsure of its size, however, when extending my thumb, it would have just covered it. It appeared to be dropping straight to the ground at a steady speed. Comparing the speed to a road vehicle, I would approximate the speed from my vantage point to be 20 miles per hour.

One of the first things I had noticed as I stepped outside was how very quiet the neighborhood is tonight. Not a sound could be heard from my deck and not a sound from the descending light.

I lost sight of it as my vision was blocked by a tree, still “solid” with leaves, so I could not see if it followed the straight descending path, but it seems that it would have had to make a very fast turn to avoid the ground. There was neither sound of impact heard nor explosion of light observed. Lack of either may have been due to distance, of course, but it just seemed like there should have been something… As a former high school teacher, then as a hospital unit director, I have become accustomed to looking up to see some very oddly interesting sights, many of which I learned to quickly dismiss. There was something about this one, however, that got my attention. And kept it.

In the morning, I will check with others, hoping that someone else happened to be outside and looking up at that late hour. I hope that I find someone, as an unwelcome addition to my wardrobe would be a needed T-shirt reading, “Of all the things that I have lost, I miss my mind the most.” Thank you, Mr. Davenport, for your dedication to the valuable work that you do, and for this opportunity to share the odd sight that I observed.