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Occurred : 11/1/2010 06:57 (Entered as : 11/01/10)
Reported: 11/1/2010 5:37:12 PM 17:37
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Roseville, OH
Shape: Circle
Duration:1 minute
I saw a VERY bright, very slow moving object that I cannot explain that had almost radiating rings of light when I zoomed with my camer

I stepped outside for a smoke at my home in Ohio after my husband left for work around 6:57 am on Monday November 1, 2010. I looked up to the sky and noticed something I at first thought to be a very bright star. But this 'star' was brighter than any one I had ever seen in my life and it was moving ever so slowly and it made me curious. There was absolutley no sound that I heard from this and even if it made sound, it probably would have been too far away fro me to hear it. I ran inside to get my camera to try to zoom in on it to get a better view.

I went back outside and I first took a still photograph of the object. On this picture it just looked like a very large, very bright star. On the next picture I zoomed in on it as far as my camera would go and the object looked almost like the moon.

I then decided to get video of this thing. I had the camera on normal at first and then I zoomed in on it. When I zoomed in on it I saw what looked like rings going all the way through this thing and the rings seemed to be flashing.I zoomed back out and then turned off the camera because I had to go into the bathroom and put on my slippers and coat as I did not expect to be so cold standing out there. It was around 29 degrees. I planned to come back out and finish recording it because I knew it would still be there because it was moving so slowly I knew it would not be out of sight anytime within the next 5 minutes or so.

I did what I needed to and came back out with the camera running not quite a full 3 minutes later, and to my surprise the thing was gone. I walked around the side of the house to see if it was just beyond my view from the front and it was nowhere to be found.

In that second video, as I walked around the side of the house, I saw the almost crescent shaped moon and I put the camera on it and zoomed in on that as well just to see if that moon had any flashing/radiating rings on it like that 'thing' did. The moon did not. That thing would have had to picked up a lot of speed very quickly to be completley out of my view within a 3 minute time frame. I know this was not quite 3 minutes because my camera has the time on it when the video is viewed from the TV.

I reviewed these with my husband when he came home and neither of us can come to any conclusion as to what this can be. We are clueless and have never seen anything like it before.

I am emailing the photos (which are not of good quality on the computer, but they are crystal on the camera and when I transfer it to TV) and the video to the email you provided because I do not know how to attach them on the program.